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   Chapter 206 Congratulations

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6255

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Leo forced Joyce to look at him, but he didn't see the expectation in her eyes.

In the past, Joyce Ruan always fixed her eyes on him, but now...

"Let me go." Taking advantage of Leo's inattention, Joyce shook him off and left the room without looking back.

Leo thought that Joyce had left with ease, so he didn't catch up with her and saw her tearful face.

Joyce covered her mouth to stop herself from crying. She walked very fast. Tears blurred her eyes, so she didn't notice the flowerpot under her feet.

"Watch out!" Joyce almost fell down, but a man held her up.

Without looking up at the man, Joyce thanked him and was about to leave.

"Why are you always in such a mess every time I see you?" Jose Cheng smiled at Joyce Ruan.

Hearing her familiar voice, Joyce wiped away the tears in her eyes. When she looked up, she was instantly dumbfounded. "You... Why are you here? "

It seemed that as Jose Cheng said, every time she met him, she was in a mess.

Jose didn't expect that he could meet Joyce here just for a meal with a customer. It seemed that it was fate.

"Do you want a handkerchief?" He glanced at Joyce's face. Two tear stains were obvious on her snow-white skin.

Hearing the sound of door closing behind her, Joyce's shoulders trembled with fear.

He was about to come out.

'No, I couldn't let him see me in such a mess.'

"Can you drive me home?" Joyce Ruan looked at Jose Cheng for help.

Jose raised his head and met Joyce's gaze. It seemed that there was a ocean of stars in her eyes, which made him unable to refuse and agreed to her without hesitation.

"Okay." Jose left his customers in the box.

When Leo came out of Overstepping Restaurant, he happened to see that Joyce got on a luxury car. The ferocity in his eyes slowly emerged.

He smiled and thought, 'Why doesn't Joyce want to be with me anymor

get the order from Jacob Company.

"You will be in charge of the design department from now on. You should behave like a leader. " The manager said to Joyce in a lukewarm tone.

Then he told Joyce some matters needing attention in the design department and asked her to leave.

Only then did Joyce understand why her colleagues looked at her enviously this morning.

"Our design director, Miss Ruan is back." When Joyce opened the door of her office, Serena Li teased her with a smile.

"Did you mention it to your father?" Although Joyce didn't pay much attention to the things around her and focused on design, she could still feel it.

She didn't want people in the company to think that she was promoted by Serena Li.

However, Serena didn't take it seriously. "Yes, I said it, but what I said is true. The board of directors has already made a decision on Jacob Company's case. The one who succeeds will be promoted. "

She didn't want Joyce to think that she had helped her, so she didn't hide anything from her.

Joyce breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Serena didn't do it on purpose. "You scared me to death."

"Well, do you think I'm such a person?" Serena Li rolled her eyes at Joyce and pretended to be angry.

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