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   Chapter 205 He Doesn't Need You

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6238

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After reading the positive comments online, Tracy immediately called Leo back to the company and held a press conference.

The moment Joyce Ruan stepped into the periodical office, she saw the news about Leo Xu on TV hanging on the wall. She stopped and looked up.

Wearing a suit, Leo Xu said to the camera seriously, "I saw a report about me a few days ago, saying that I was arrested because of sexual harassment. I want to clarify that I was on business and met a woman seducing me that day. I refused. I didn't expect that woman to accuse me of sexual harassment. I, Leo Xu, promise you that I am not such a person. Besides, I have such a perfect fiancee. "

At this point, with a smile on Addison's face, she walked up to Leo Xu.

In the eyes of onlookers, the two people were a loving couple.

Joyce stared at the screen with a sarcastic smile. What was she expecting? After all, Leo Xu was Leo Xu. He didn't need her help at all.

On the bus, Joyce closed her eyes for rest, but she heard the discussions of the people in front of her.

"Look, I've told you that he's not like this. The two of them are a perfect match. They have the same background and appearance."

"I have told you before that Leo is not such a person. If he wants any woman, does he need to harass her?"

"The previous report is really fake."

Hearing the discussions, Joyce's eyes turned red. It turned out that not only did Tracy think that she had seduced Leo, but the others also thought so.

She couldn't stand those words, but she had to admit that it was true. In any way, Addison would be more suitable for Leo than she was.

Joyce was not in the mood to continue her work. She wanted to leave herself alone today. She walked aimlessly on the road.

"Ding Dong." The message came in.

She turned on the phone and found it was from a strange number.


ould let him go. Why am I still so sad?'

Because of the dim light, Leo didn't notice that Joyce's eyes were slightly red.

Leo stood up and walked to Joyce. He held her hand, but was shook off by Joyce.

"What do you mean?"

Joyce also stood up, "As I said, we two have nothing to do with each other."

She didn't want to continue the entanglement with Leo Xu. She was really tired.

It was better to have short pain than long pain.

She almost forgot that she was the only one who was hurt. In her own world, Leo always came and left whenever he wanted.

Leo was ineloquent, thinking that Joyce was still angry about what happened to his mother before.

"Are you still angry about what happened to my mother? If so, I'm sorry."

Joyce turned around and glanced at Leo. Her eyes were complicated, with struggle and sadness.

There was no turning back between her and him.

"I'm not angry." Besides, it was not the first time that he had misunderstood her.

"I sincerely wish you and Addison happiness. I hope you two can be happy in the future. " Joyce forced herself to say her wishes, and her heart was numb with pain.

Leo turned her back to him and asked, "What did you just say?" His eyes were full of sadness.

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