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   Chapter 203 Concealment

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Now he felt that Addison was more and more annoying, so he could only treat her in such a cold attitude.

However, Addison Jiang thought that his escape was just to cover up the woman who seduced him, and still kept pestering Leo Xu.

Leo wanted to lose his temper, but he couldn't. He rubbed his temples irritably.

He couldn't solve all the problems in the company, and he had to deal with Addison's problem at home. He couldn't help wondering if she was as gentle and lovely as his mother had said before. He didn't want to marry a troublesome woman in the future.

Tracy's hand stiffened in midair, but Addison Jiang didn't take her phone. There was a hint of dissatisfaction on her face, but she quickly hid it.

Noticing that there was something wrong between the two, Tracy immediately changed the topic. "Addison, since you're here, why don't you have dinner before you go back?"

Before Addison said yes to Tracy, she had already ordered the servants to prepare dinner in the kitchen.

Leo turned around and was about to go upstairs, but he was stopped by Addison, "Leo, what's going on?"

Addison suddenly felt a little sad. 'Am I not Leo's fiancee? Why was it so difficult to get an explanation from him?'

"Mom, I have to deal with the company's affairs. You..." Leo looked at Tracy and his eyes darkened.

Tracy also blamed in her heart that it was not the right time for Addison to come here. The company had already had such a big problem. She was still pestering her son. Didn't she heap up trouble for herself?

She immediately stepped forward and held Addison's hand. "You can go downstairs first. Leo has to deal with the company's affairs."

At first, Addison was not willing to let Tracy hold her hand. Then she saw Tracy's eyes and quietly followed her downstairs.

Leo turned around and went upstairs. He didn't even look at Addison.

Addison was pu


Tracy looked at Addison in front of her and came up with a plan.

Now that the media had reported that her son had harassed someone else. As long as she let Addison Jiang and Leo Xu show off their love in front of the camera, the rumor would be scotched.

"It doesn't matter. I have figured out a way. I just need your cooperation."

"What?" Addison asked in confusion

Tracy whispered in Addison's ear with a smile.

At dinner time, Leo didn't come downstairs for dinner. It was Tracy who invited him in person.

Seeing Leo frowning and depressed, she knew that the stock issue hadn't been settled yet.

After knowing the truth, Addison's attitude towards Leo was back to normal. "Leo, let's eat."

She smiled and put some food into Leo's bowl with chopsticks.

Leo still kept his head down and didn't touch the food that Addison Jiang picked up for him.

The atmosphere was depressing during the dinner. After chatting with Tracy for a while, Addison left.

"May I come in?" With a glass of milk in her hand, Tracy opened the door and walked into Leo's study.

She put the milk on Leo's desk and asked, "How's the business going?"

"Well, it's within my control." Leo didn't want Tracy to worry, so he chose to hide the truth.

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