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   Chapter 200 Take Things Too Hard

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Joyce wanted to say something more, but before she could say anything, Mason had already taken her hand and said, "Joyce, didn't you say that you had no contact with him?"

"Yes, I haven't contacted him, but I can't watch him being taken away." Joyce felt embarrassed. She didn't want Leo to be taken away. Otherwise...

All of a sudden, Mason pulled Joyce's hand and was about to go home. He must punish Leo today, or Leo would think his sister was easy to be bullied.

"Sir, we don't know him. Please take him away as soon as possible."

Joyce was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks. Leo was not in a hurry, but smiled instead. Even if he was taken away, they wouldn't dare to do anything to him in the police station.

"Mason." Joyce shouted coldly with a straight face.

He had gone too far today.

Leo moved closer to Joyce and asked in a low voice, "Are you worried about me?"

He looked like he was taking advantage of Joyce. The police immediately pressed him into the car and locked the door.

Leo looked coldly at the police through the car window. His face darkened, as if he was about to lose his temper. But he also wanted to know if Joyce would come to save him if he was taken away by the police.

He didn't resist, but sat in the car quietly.

Seeing Leo behave so honestly, the police thought he acquiesced in his sexual harassment of Joyce Ruan. A complacent smile appeared on his face. They caught another bad guy today.

"Madam, don't worry. Call the police if anything happens." Before he left, he specially reminded Joyce.

Then he opened the door and left.

Looking at the police car leaving, Joyce shook off Mason's hand. 'Now that Leo was taken away, what should I do?'

"Joyce, are you angry?" Mason Chen could tell that Joyce Ruan was angry now.

"I'm not angry. It's just that you're wrong today. Even if he harasses me,

ld have any woman he wanted. Unexpectedly he was caught by the police because of sexual harassment.

The reporters quickly raised their cameras and kept taking pictures of Leo.

Seeing that the situation was unfavorable, the police took Leo directly to the police station.

Leo was locked in a closed room, and a serious policeman was sitting opposite to him.

"Tell me, why did you do that?" The police had just checked Leo's identity information and found that he had a strong background.

Leo didn't say a word. His face darkened and pursed his lips. Those reporters had taken pictures of him, and he didn't know what they would make the headlines tomorrow.

"When can I leave?" Leo asked, his cold voice echoing in the room.

"Wait a minute. Your bailee will come."

All he needed to do was to go through the motions. It would be a mere formality.

"Who did you contact?" Leo Xu asked, frowning.

The police felt that Leo's question was very strange. Who could the bailee be? Of course, it must be his lineal kin. "Your mother."

Although he looked down upon Leo's sexual harassment, he didn't dare to do anything to him. After all, Leo had a high status.

Leo's face changed when he heard that the bailee was Tracy Feng.

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