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   Chapter 197 A Lie Was Exposed

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6164

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"Didn't my mother's leg get hurt? Who took her there? " Leo's face turned cold. He thought that the servant had taken his mother to go shopping.

But he didn't expect that the servant's next words made him have a new understanding of his mother.

"Mrs. Xu's leg is not injured. She could have walked on the ground a long time ago."

Tracy Feng didn't expect that she would ignore the servants. If she had known it earlier, she would have arranged the servants well.

"What do you mean?" Leo Xu was confused, but he could vaguely understand what she meant.

He turned around and walked into the living room. He sat down and asked again, "You just told me that my mother's leg has recovered, didn't you?"

Leo Xu remembered that when he was in the hospital, the doctor had told him that if his mother's leg couldn't recover well, it was very likely to be amputated.

The servant was frightened by Leo's reaction and nodded immediately.

"Mrs. Xu was able to walk several days ago." She said again.

Leo Xu slammed the cup on the table. The cup was so fragile that it couldn't bear the gravity and directly cracked.

It was a famous limited edition cup, but Leo didn't care about it at all and looked at it coldly. "Clean it up."

Then he went to the study. He was not in the mood to deal with any problems in the company now. He had to wait here for Tracy to come back and wait for her to give him a reasonable explanation.

Leo called his secretary, "I will be not in the company this afternoon. Postpone everything."

He hung up the phone before the secretary could say anything.

Leo had thought that in fact, Tracy was not injured at all. His mother wanted him to cut off contact with Joyce by this matter, but why?

What he didn't know was that Tracy hated Joyce very much, so he couldn't figure out the reason why T

o tell the truth to Leo, but finally she chose to hide it.

However, Leo didn't want to talk to her anymore. He asked directly, "Mom, did you hide anything from me? Did your leg get hurt that day?"

Tracy was shocked. She didn't expect that Leo would notice it so soon. She was silent. She was thinking about how to make up the lie.

Leo sat on the sofa with a cold face.

"You know what? I chose to do this for you. I can't watch you go astray." Tracy pinched her leg hard in a place that Leo couldn't see. The pain made her eyes red.

"Is that really all?" Leo Xu asked in disbelief.

He didn't understand what was the connection between deceiving him and being good to him.

"Really?" Tracy continued to play her self-injury trick.

"Mom, you don't want me to keep in touch with Joyce, do you?"

Leo was not stupid. He knew that his mother did this to cut off the connection between him and Joyce.

As if what she thought was spoken out, Tracy felt a little embarrassed. "So what?"

She didn't think she had done anything wrong. Instead, she felt that she had done the right thing. But she didn't expect that Leo would keep in touch with Joyce secretly even if her leg was almost broken because of Joyce.

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