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   Chapter 192 Borrowing A Knife To Kill

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6664

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Addison Jiang knew that Leo would refuse. He always brought her more disappointment than surprise.

But she didn't show it. Instead, she put on a bright smile and said, "Okay, be careful on the way."

Leo Xu didn't drive away immediately. He didn't leave until he saw Addison enter the house.

As soon as Addison rang the doorbell, someone came to open the door. The servant was surprised to see her.

"Help me carry it in." Addison had been in a bad mood all the time. She didn't show her unhappiness in front of Leo or the Xu family. Now when she returned to the Jiang family, her face was full of impatience.

The servant immediately took the luggage from her hand and shouted to the living room, "Mrs. Jiang, Miss Addison is back."

Addison came back on a whim and her parents didn't even know that.

Hearing the voice, Mrs. Jiang immediately put down the coffee cup in her hand. She couldn't help but feel a little strange. When she came out of the living room, she saw Addison standing at the door with a cold face.

"Addison, why are you back?" Mrs. Jiang glanced at the luggage in the servants' hands and wondered if her daughter would not leave this time.

Ignoring her mother, Addison went straight to the living room. When she was about to pour herself a cup of tea, her mother grabbed it.

Mrs. Jiang didn't mind Addison's attitude towards her at all. Instead, she took the initiative to pour tea for Addison.

"You don't want to live in the Xu family anymore?" Mrs. Jiang asked again.

Addison moved out of the Xu family for another purpose, so she was not reconciled now.

Under her mother's gaze, she nodded.

Mrs. Jiang smiled knowingly. She was naturally happy that her daughter came back to live with her. But the smile on her face froze immediately. What kind of feeling did her daughter have for Leo Xu? She wished she could be with him every day. Now she suddenly moved back. Something must have happened.

"Did the Xu family bully you?" Mrs. Jiang

seemed that it was not the case.

He fixed his eyes on her and asked, "Do you have anything to tell me?" He felt that Addison had something to tell him.

Gael Jiang's image was completely different from that of his serious face in the company. Because of Addison's frail body, the Jiangs felt that they owed her and almost gave all their love to her.

What's more, in order to help her marry into the Xu family, Gael Jiang even tied the fate of the two families together.

"No, Dad. Don't think too much." Shocked, Addison Jiang didn't tell her father what had happened between Joyce and Leo.

She had to teach Joyce a lesson in person, so that Joyce wouldn't show up in front of Leo and her.

Before Gael Jiang said anything, she was about to leave. "Dad, I'm a little tired. I'm going to bed."

Gael Jiang nodded and then Addison left.

Not long after Addison left, her mother came to the study with a glass of water, but she didn't see Addison.

She asked in confusion, "where is Addison?"

Gael Jiang replied, "She said she was tired and went back to have a rest."

At dinner time, when Addison came out of her room, she happened to meet Cassie who just came back.

"Cassie, have you just finished the notice?"

Hearing her familiar voice, Cassie turned around and found it was indeed Addison Jiang.

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