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   Chapter 174 Have Gone Home

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When the party was over, it was already early in the morning. Mr. Chen held Joyce in his arms with the help of alcohol. Joyce put his hand back several times, but Mr. Chen put it back every time.

Because of what happened in the car, Joyce sent a message to Serena in advance and asked her to pick her up. She thought that maybe she had been waiting for her at the door.

Joyce took Mr. Chen out of the hotel lobby. The cold wind blew, and she had sobered up a lot. "Mr. Chen, how are you going back?"

Mr. Chen half opened his eyes and smiled, "What do you think?"

She endured her nausea and told herself that he was just drunk. Joyce helped Mr. Chen to his car.

She reached out her hand and opened the door for him. "You can go in first."

Mr. Chen thought that Joyce would come with him, so he immediately sat in. After entering, he did not forget to look at Joyce.

Seeing Mr. Chen reclining in the back seat, Joyce closed the door and said to him, "You should go back and have a good rest tonight."

"Don't you go with me together?" Mr. Chen stared at Joyce who was standing outside and asked.

Joyce pointed at the black Porsche parked aside and said apologetically, "Mr. Chen, look, my friend is here."

Mr. Chen bent over the window and saw Serena beside the car. He had to give up.

"Okay. Be careful on your way home."

Anyway, there would be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Joyce waved at Mr. Chen and watched him leave. Then she got in Serena's car.

"Why are you still attending the party at this late hour?" Serena asked, smelling the smell of alcohol from Joyce.

Joyce threw her bag behind, closed her eyes and said helplessly, "I have no choice. After all, he is the boss of the case."

After sending Joyce home, Serena also slept in her house.

In the Xu family, when Leo went to the company in the daytime, Tracy would occasionally get up and wa

"Don't you two go to the mall that day? She comes back ahead of time and tells me that you aren't with her. I just talk to her for a while."

"I know."

Leo had roughly understood the whole thing. Leo didn't expect that Joyce was also the reason why Addison left.

"She is making trouble out of nothing. I will tell Addison."

Leo felt that he had accompanied her and left in advance because of something. Leo didn't expect that Addison would still make trouble out of nothing. Maybe she left because of Joyce.

"No, girls are always like this." Tracy was worried that things would get worse if Leo scolded Addison.

Tracy sighed, "You should better find Addison back first."

"Go to the Jiang family, not to mention to find Addison, just to get some of her living goods. I always feel that Addison is not at home."

Leo nodded and went out.

In the Jiang family, when Addison's mother heard that Leo was here, she immediately put down her things and ran to the living room. But when she only saw Leo, the smile on her face froze.

"Why doesn't Addison come back with you?"

Leo had realized that it seemed that Addison didn't go back to the Jiang family, so where on earth had she gone?

"She doesn't come back. I'll take her some clothes."

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