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   Chapter 173 Another Man

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6277

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"No." Mr. Chen took a look and moved away. No one would wear work clothes at the party.

"Okay." Joyce had no choice but to agree with the boss. She did dress casually.

But Joyce had no choice but to go home and change her clothes. After all, it all depended on Mr. Chen whether her case could be successful or not.

At the appointed time, Mr. Chen arrived at the door of Joyce's house, where Joyce was already waiting.

"Let's go." Mr. Chen said to the driver when he saw Joyce sitting in.

Joyce wore the dress she bought with Serena that day. When Joyce sat in the car, her dress was very short, and she kept pulling it down, exposing her long legs outside.

Mr. Chen fixed his eyes on Joyce's bare legs and had a bit of a dirty idea.

Perhaps noticing that Mr. Chen's eyes were too fiery, Joyce put her bag on her knees calmly.

Were the manager's secretary words true? Was Mr. Chen an old pervert?

"Mr. Chen, do you have any requirements for the design? I will try my best to satisfy you." Joyce wanted to take advantage of the chance on the way to figure out the design requirements, so that tonight she wouldn't get nothing.

Mr. Chen chuckled and looked at Joyce, "What do you think?"

"How can I know your requirements?" Joyce was scared by his stare.

The atmosphere in the car was a little strange. Joyce opened the window and let the cold wind in.

"You'll know after the party." Mr. Chen pressed on Joyce as he spoke.

Joyce was startled by Mr. Chen's sudden pressure. She immediately picked up the bag on her knees and pressed it against him. "What are you doing?" She asked in a sharp voice.

Mr. Chen's face was a little unnatural. Then he reached out his hand and closed the window. "I'm cold."

Joyce was a little surprised. The temperature on Joyce's face was slowly rising, and she said sorry in a low voice.

When Mr. Chen saw

closely? Why did she run away? He almost couldn't find her!

His face showed an expression of dissatisfaction. "Don't I tell you to follow me closely? Why are you running away?"

Seeing Mr. Chen talking to Joyce, Cassie thought he had kept Joyce as his mistress. She looked at him up and down.

"I don't expect you to have another man. But your taste is getting worse and worse."

When Cassie saw Mr. Chen's fat face trembling when he spoke, she knew that this man must be a very rich man!

Mr. Chen was not stupid enough to hear Cassie's sarcasm. "Do you know her?"

He asked Joyce. He looked at Cassie. He felt as if he had met her before, but he couldn't remember where.

Joyce immediately shook her head, "I don't know her. What's wrong?"

Cassie was furious. Who the hell was Joyce? How dare she say that she didn't know her? Why did she feel like that she begged Joyce to know her?!

"Then let's go." Mr. Chen left with Joyce.

Seeing the two leaving, Cassie came up with an idea. She immediately took out her mobile phone from her bag and took a photo of them playing together.

"Joyce, I don't expect that you will have such a day!" Looking at the photo, Cassie imagined what Leo would think of Joyce if he saw the photo.

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