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   Chapter 172 Come With Me

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After lecturing Mason for a while, Serena took Joyce to work.

As soon as Joyce returned to the company, she contacted Mr. Chen. As expected, he agreed to make an appointment with her as he promised yesterday.

She ran to the manager's office immediately.

"Is the manager here?" Joyce Ruan asked.

The secretary, who was dealing with the problem, looked up and then lowered her head again. "Why are you still here?"

She had thought that Joyce would run away.

"I won't leave, and my contract will be successful." Joyce Ruan said confidently.

The secretary sneered. She didn't say anything, just waiting to see Joyce's joke.

Ignoring the secretary's attitude, Joyce pushed the door open and walked in.

"Manager, I have made an appointment with the president of Jacob Company." Joyce said to the manager.

The manager nodded with satisfaction and smiled at Joyce. "That's good."

This was the first time that Joyce had been confirmed, with a happy and bright smile on her face.

"You can leave now and sign the contract as soon as possible. Don't make any mistakes this time."

The manager was finally relieved. As long as Joyce got the contract, he didn't need to resign.

Joyce Ruan nodded and left the manager's office.

As soon as Serena arrived at the company, she went to the CEO's office. She knocked on the door and poked her head in. "Dad, can I come in?"

When Serena's father saw the serious expression on Serena's face, he smiled kindly and waved at her.

Serena strode into the CEO's office and closed the door.

"Dad, can I have a word with you as an employee?" Serena Li asked.

Hearing her words, Mr. Li immediately restrained his smile and said seriously, "If you use the identity of an employee, I'm afraid you won't be able to see me here."

Serena walked behind her father, pinched his shoulder and said in a spoiled tone, "Y

ing Joyce smiling at him, the fat Mr. Chen narrowed his eyes into slits and said, "Here you are. Have a seat."

Joyce couldn't refuse and sat opposite Mr. Chen.

"Are you free tonight?" Mr. Chen looked at Joyce and thought he had sex with her many times.

Joyce thought she was going to work overtime, so she shook her head immediately.


Mr. Chen thumped the table and shouted "Okay".

Hearing this, Joyce trembled with fear. She looked at Mr. Chen in a different way.

"Then you go to a party with me tonight." Mr. Chen said to Joyce, intending to get Joyce drunk and take her away at the party.

Joyce was surprised, "What?"

She thought she came here to talk about work, but she didn't expect to go to a party with Mr. Chen. But didn't she accompany him once last time?

Mr. Chen's face darkened. "Why not?"

Joyce felt that the subtext of his words was that if she turned down, the order would be cancelled. But she couldn't. She really needed this order. She couldn't bear the pressure and nodded.

"Then you go to change your clothes first." Mr. Chen waved his hand, indicating that she could go out.

"Can't I wear this?"

Joyce stood up from the chair on purpose to show Mr. Chen what she was wearing today.

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