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   Chapter 170 Cheer Up

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Joyce didn't answer. She took a big gulp of beer and said with self-mockery, "Yes, is this reason ridiculous?"

"If you really want to resign just because of this, I won't persuade you. Because you make me look down upon you. If your colleagues look down on you, then prove yourself. " Serena Li said crossly.

She was so angry at Joyce's resignation that she couldn't say anything.

Joyce opened another can of beer and continued drinking.

"You know what? You weren't like this when you were in college. I really envied you for your unyielding spirit, but now I don't expect you to run away when you encounter any difficulties."

Serena thought of Joyce when she was in college. She was optimistic and fearless. She even missed Joyce who was in college.

"Think it over. I don't want to persuade you anymore."

No one knew how many bottles of beer Joyce had drunk, and Serena didn't stop her. The two didn't talk to each other and were drinking alone.

"I have thought about what you said just now. You were right. I can't run away like this. I can't let those people in the company see my jokes." With a beer bottle in her hand, Joyce's face turned red and she didn't speak clearly.

Serena was also a little drunk and didn't hear clearly what Joyce said, but she heard the key words.

She said she couldn't run away.

"Really?" Serena was afraid that Joyce would go back on her word and asked uncertainly.

Joyce nodded affirmatively. She wouldn't admit defeat so easily this time.

Serena saw her nod. A smile appeared on her face. Fortunately, she didn't continue to say that she would give up.

"Do you need me to send you back?" Serena looked down at her watch and found it was late.

Holding a beer bottle, Joyce shook her head. But Serena was still sober. She knew that Joyce had to go to work tomorrow, so she helped her up.

"I'd better se

elt a little sober before she began to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

Serena was woken up by the smell of Joyce's food. "Whoever marries you in the future will be happy for the rest of his life. Only Leo doesn't have this luck."

As soon as she finished speaking, Serena realized that she had said something wrong. When she wanted to make up for it, Joyce opened her mouth.

"I have nothing to do with him now." There was a hint of sadness in her tone.

It seemed that she had really given up a lot to make this decision.

"I'm sorry." Serena was too eloquent to mention Leo.

It was so embarrassing.

Joyce Ruan smiled bitterly, "It doesn't matter. He is going to get married. It's time for me to let him go. "

She had learned to let go of him slowly.

"That's good." What Serena feared most was that Joyce would die for Leo Xu, and she could do nothing to help.

Joyce continued to roast the bread. Her long eyelashes covered her sadness. "Go and ask Mason to have breakfast, please."

Serena Li stood up and knocked at the door of Mason's room. "Mason, breakfast is ready."

But no one answered her. Serena Li was a little anxious. She immediately opened the door of Mason's room and found that there was no one inside.

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