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   Chapter 168 Snitch

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Usually, Joyce was preparing dinner in the kitchen at this time, but today she was in her room, and Joyce came out for a long time when Mason called her.

Mason looked at Joyce again and found that she looked pale. Was she not feeling well? He immediately asked, "Sister, are you too tired from your work?"

"Maybe. I'm a little tired recently. I'll take a break later."

Joyce didn't intend to tell Mason that she was going to resign because she was afraid that Mason would worry about her at school.

Hearing this, Mason became more depressed. If it wasn't for him, Joyce wouldn't have to work so hard.

"Sister, I'm sorry. I want to help you, but..." Mason had been working hard all the time. One day, he would make Joyce not live so hard and do what she wanted to do.

Hearing this, Joyce's eyes were wet. She wiped her eyes and sobbed, "I won't feel tired with you."

For so many years, Joyce had never felt tired.

"Sister, what do you want to eat tonight? I'll prepare it for you." Mason was about to go to the kitchen, but was stopped by Joyce.

"You must be very tired after a whole day's class. Let me go." Joyce's tone was full of pity.

Mason patted on Joyce's hand to comfort her and said, "I'm not tired, sister. It's you who have been working all day. Let me do it."

Mason's consideration made Joyce very happy. "How about we go out for dinner? It's a luxury today."

Her brother's hands were for playing the piano. How could she let him cook for herself?

Mason hesitated. He knew that Joyce cared about him, but...

"Well, don't hesitate. Go and bring me the phone in the room. Let's go." Joyce continued to say to Mason.

Mason had no choice but to turn around and enter her room. When he took the phone and

ng opposite her.

"What happens? Why do you leave me alone?" It was not easy for Serena to have dinner with Henry, but now Serena had to run away.

With an apologetic look on her face, Serena pushed away Henry's hand and said, "I'm sorry. I really have something to deal with now."

She had thought that Henry would be angry at her sudden leave, so she was ready to be scolded by Henry, but he didn't.

He reached out and hugged Serena, saying helplessly, "Let's go. I'll drive you there."

Serena's eyes widened and she watched Henry.

With a doting look on his face, Henry grabbed her hand and asked, "What's wrong?"

When Serena called Mason just now, he heard more or less that it was an emergency, so he wouldn't make trouble out of nothing.

A low-key black Porsche was driving on the road.

"Why does Joyce resign?" Henry asked.

Serena frowned and said, "I don't know."

Soon, Henry sent Serena to the door of Joyce's house. He got off the car and opened the door for Serena. "Go ahead. Do you need me to pick you up later?"

"No, thanks."

In a hurry, Serena ran away as soon as she got off the car without giving a glance at Henry.

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