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   Chapter 167 Resignation Letter

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She had contacted Mr. Chen so many times, but every time he refused her, she didn't know what to do.

When she was wondering what to do, the door of the office was pushed open. The manager's assistant said to her, "Joyce, the manager asked you to go upstairs."

"Okay." Joyce Ruan replied.

But deep inside, she didn't want to face it anymore. But that was all she thought. She stood up and went to the manager's office.

"Manager, what can I do for you?" Joyce was ready to be bombarded.

"Well, how is the order going?"

Joyce lowered her head and didn't answer. After a while, the manager urged again, "What do you mean?"

"I can't get in touch with Mr. Chen. He doesn't want to see me." Joyce answered bravely.

She knew it was impolite to say that, but it was true now.

"What happened?" The manager frowned deeply. If the things went as Joyce said, she could start to prepare her resignation letter.

"Mr. Chen doesn't want to see me, so I..."

"Then find a way to see him. Don't you even have the ability to do that?" The manager asked.

"Sorry, I may not be able to make this order." Joyce just wanted to get rid of the contract as soon as possible.

She didn't know why she didn't want to work hard anymore. Because no matter how hard she tried, people in the design department and the company still thought she was just a vase.

"What did you say? Say it again? " The manager couldn't accept it. Joyce even planned to leave the order and run away. He began to doubt whether he had forced her too hard or her ability was not good.

Joyce remained silent.

"Are you going to give up without trying?" The manager continued to ask. He regretted that he had given this job to Joyce. He was really throwing a stone at his feet.

"I tried, but..." replied Joyce.

Now she had lost all her stre

yce came back home, she saw that Mason hadn't come back, so she didn't begin to prepare lunch yet, lying in her room, lost in thought.

She might not be suitable for this job. She stood up, turned on the computer, typed Resignation Letter on the document, and then deleted it.

If she quit this job, she would lose everything. What else could she do?

But she had been doubting and laughing at herself for a long time. She doubted that her ability really made it difficult for her to accept this job.

In the end, she still typed Resignation Letter on the document. No matter what others thought of her, she didn't care anymore.

When Mason Chen came back home, he saw that Joyce's shoes were at the door, but he didn't see her. He immediately shouted, "Joyce, are you at home?"

Hearing the voice of Mason, Joyce immediately stood up and opened the door. "I'm here." She smiled brightly at Mason.

No matter how depressed or unhappy she was outside, she rarely showed it in front of Mason.

"Why did you come back so early today?"

"The school is over in advance, so I came back directly." Mason replied as he put his schoolbag on the ground.

Then he asked, "Joyce, are you in a bad mood today?"

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