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   Chapter 166 Achieve Nothing

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Now the manager didn't want to suppress the thoughts at all, and the manager was not polite to Joyce.

"I will do it as soon as possible." Joyce replied immediately, thinking about how to keep in touch with Mr. Chen.

Seeing that Joyce was still in a good attitude, the manager waved the hand and asked her to leave the office. "Never mind. Just do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I won't give you any chance."

"Okay." Then Joyce left the office.

The first thing Joyce did when she came back to her office was to contact Mr. Chen. But as expected, her phone was rejected.

Joyce sighed. She didn't expect the cooperation to be so troublesome. Joyce was also very regretful. If she had known this early, she would not run away that day, perhaps the contract had been finalized.

After tidying up, she left the office and came to the building of Jacob Company.

"Well, I want to ask if your CEO is here." Joyce asked the receptionist of Jacob Company.

She had no choice but to see if she could meet Mr. Chen downstairs at the building of Jacob Company.

"It's you."

Because Joyce contacted her almost every day, the two of them could be said to know each other.

"Well, today your CEO..." Joyce continued to ask.

The receptionist looked embarrassed. She didn't know how the woman in front of her had offended Mr. Chen. He had told her that he didn't allow Joyce to go upstairs as long as Joyce came.

"Why don't you wait for a moment?" The receptionist pointed to the sofa next to her and said to Joyce.

Joyce understood what she meant. Today, Mr. Chen didn't want to see her, but Joyce still sat on the sofa.

As long as there was a glimmer of hope to see Mr. Chen, Joyce would not give up.

After waiting for a long time, Joyce became a little impatient. When she wanted to ask the receptionist again, she found that the receptionist had left after work.

Joyce checked the time on her phone.

fail and resign." The designer replied.

Everyone in the design department believed that Joyce would make the cooperation failed and resign. Maybe because of her background, Joyce wouldn't be fired, but the design department could also watch a good show.

When Joyce was about to say something, the elevator door opened and the female colleague who mocked Joyce went out. Joyce caught up with her without hesitation and questioned, "Why do you think my case will be failed?"

The female designer replied with a smile, "I'm not sure. It's just that everyone in our design department thinks so."

The laughter was full of irony, and then the designer left.

What the female designer said echoed in Joyce's mind. Everyone in the design department thought the same. Was she such a loser? Everyone wanted her to leave here.

Because of what happened this morning, Joyce's good mood was ruined, and she was not in the mood to go to Jacob Company.

Joyce picked up the phone in the office and dialed the number of Jacob Company.

"Excuse me, when will Mr. Chen see me?"

Joyce's voice was weak.

"Sorry, we also don't know."

The sound on the other end of the phone kept reminding Joyce that the other party had hung up the phone. She hung up the phone in disappointment.

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