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   Chapter 164 I Sincerely Wish You Happiness

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He immediately stepped forward and held Addison's hand. After that, Leo subconsciously glanced at Joyce and found that she didn't have any reaction. Feeling bored, he let go of Addison's hand.

"I suddenly remember that there are still some things to deal with in the company. I'll ask the driver to pick you up later." After saying that, he left the dress shop without giving a glance at Addison.

Looking at Leo's receding figure, Addison Jiang didn't know what to do but stood still.

Seeing this, Serena Li laughed immediately. "It seems that your relationship with Leo is not as good as you said."

Her laughter and voice sounded ironic to Addison Jiang. Serena Li ignored what Leo had said.

However, Joyce, who had been paying close attention to him, heard what he said. He didn't mean to leave Addison behind. He just had something to deal with in the company.

"Serena." Joyce called out gently to stop Serena from laughing.

"I didn't expect to meet you here today." Addison's face darkened.

"What's wrong here?" Serena Li asked immediately.

In Addison's mind, Joyce Ruan was a girl from a slum. She not only had to support herself, but also had a brother who was a burden to her. Therefore, she believed that the reason why Joyce didn't let go of Leo was not because of love, but because of money.

"You must have paid a lot to buy this dress."

Since Leo had left, there was no need for her to pretend to be a little girl. She reached out her hand and pulled the collar of Joyce's dress.

Joyce immediately slapped her hand away and said, "Miss Jiang, you seem to care too much."

She said in a cold voice. She had tried her best to put up with it, but Addison had gone too far.

Addison Jiang was frightened and her face turned pale.

"Are you going to blackmail us again?" Serena said with a frightened look as she kept a distance

g but want Leo to give her a reasonable explanation.

This was also a sign of her lack of confidence in the relationship between the two people. Just now, Leo left her alone because of Joyce. Now, Addison Jiang needed him to tell her in person, in that case she would feel better.

"Addison, stop it." Tracy Feng never had much patience for others.

But ever since her son was together with Addison, she felt that her patience would be used up by Addison for the rest of her life.

"Aunt Tracy, I'm not messing around!"

Addison didn't think she was throwing a tantrum. She felt wronged. Couldn't an explanation be enough?

She was not satisfied with the way Tracy dealt with it, so she raised her voice.

But from what Tracy heard, Addison was lawless just because the Xu family needed to cooperate with the Jiang family now and didn't take her seriously all day long, so she spoke in a tough tone.

"Don't you have Leo's phone number? Call him and ask when he will come back! "

She didn't want to get involved in the affairs between the two young people anymore. It was really hard and thankless.

Without saying anything, Addison left Tracy's room directly. Because she was not satisfied, she closed the door a little hard.

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