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   Chapter 163 You Can't Afford It

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6078

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"I'm asking you. Why do you ask Leo?" Addison Jiang keenly felt that Leo Xu must have something to do with the woman in front of her, but...

Serena Li didn't like Addison at all, and now she was even more unhappy to hear Addison talk to her in such a tone.

She was also not good at hiding her emotions. She directly showed her dislike for Addison on her face, turned around and went to the fitting room.

Seeing that Serena left in this way, Addison was stunned. Was this woman so arrogant in front of Leo?

"Leo, who the hell is she?" She tugged at the corner of Leo's clothes and asked in a low voice.

In fact, she wanted to tell Leo not to talk to her anymore because she was so arrogant, but before she could say anything, she heard Serena calling Joyce's name over there.

'What? Joyce Ruan? Was she also here?' With shock written all over her face, Addison Jiang looked at the fitting room. There was no change of expression on Leo's face. In fact, when he saw Serena just now, he knew that in all probability Joyce was here.

Somehow, Leo had a faint urge to meet Joyce. The impulse was so subtle that he couldn't notice it.

Serena said that on purpose, in order to disgust Leo and Addison. After shouting, she opened the door of the fitting room and went in.

"I know you are hiding inside and don't dare to make any noise." She said angrily when she saw Joyce came in with a dress.

Joyce knew that Leo was outside. Although she had an impulse to see him, she could restrain it.

She was more disappointed, disappointed at Leo's distrust and doubts about her. No matter how hard she tried to explain, he was still...

So Joyce Ruan didn't want to explain anymore. 'I couldn't afford to offend him. Why couldn't I hide?'

"I... I don't want to see him. " Said Joyce, lowering her head.


"I went shopping with Leo today." Addison was still a little unconfident in front of Joyce. Because she didn't know if Leo...

Joyce nodded. Leo used to go shopping with her, but things had changed now.

"I forgive you for what happened last time." Although Addison was not confident in front of Joyce, she was more or less proud. She looked down at Joyce and said.

When Serena heard Addison mention what happened last time, she got angry and immediately said, "You know what happened exactly."

She believed that Joyce was not that kind of person.

"It's all in the past. I'm going to marry Leo. I'll invite you to my wedding ceremony." Addison said, pretending to be generous. Her tone was full of happiness, as if she was really going to marry Leo.

But it was not the truth.

When Joyce heard that Addison told her that she was going to marry Leo, she was numb with pain in her heart, but she still pretended to be calm.

"Well, then I wish you happiness." She looked at Leo sadly, but smiled.

The sadder she was, the more she wanted to smile, so that Leo couldn't see it.

Leo had thought that Joyce would cry when she was sad, but he didn't. He felt a little disappointed.

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