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   Chapter 162 An Encounter

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6154

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"Here we are." Leo opened the door for Addison.

Getting out of the car, Addison opened her mouth and wanted to say something to Leo, but he had already turned around and entered the house.

She followed Leo into the Xu family.

"Go to bed early." Leo turned around and said to Addison.

"Okay, you too." Lowering her head, Addison didn't dare to look at him.

Leo didn't know that what he didn't care about had been mistaken by Addison in her mind. Addison thought that Leo just didn't want herself to worry about it.

When Leo just arrived at the corridor, he saw the servant waiting at the door of his room.

"Mr. Leo, Mrs. Tracy asks you to go to her room."

He nodded and went to Tracy's room.

"Mom, are you looking for me?"

"Yes, how are you feeling at the Jiang family's dinner today?" Tracy was also worried about what Addison's mother had said to her last time. Leo went to the Jiang family today, if he was wronged or not.

Leo didn't tell Tracy what Addison's mother said today. He just said lightly, "Not bad."

Tracy didn't ask any more questions. She knew that her son said it was okay, then there should be no accident.

The second morning, Leo was about to go to work after breakfast, but he was suddenly called away by Tracy.

Leo walked quickly to Tracy's room and said anxiously. He thought that something must have happened to his mother, so she called him in such a hurry, but he saw Addison standing in front of the bed.

"What's wrong, mom?"

Tracy glanced at Addison and then said to Leo, "Addison says that she wants to go shopping today."

The implication of her words was very clear. She wanted Leo to take Addison there.

"Then let her go." Leo was good at playing dumb, and he wouldn't delay his whole day's work just because he went shopping with Addison.

"Okay, you go toget

na asked in surprise.

She remembered that Joyce would dislike the trouble of wearing a dress. Why did she take the dress to try on today? The sun really came out from the west.

"Leo, what about this one for me?"

Serena was attracted by the voice behind her. She turned around and saw Leo and Addison. She immediately understood why Joyce tried on the dress. It turned out that she was trying to avoid Leo.

"What a coincidence!" Serena looked at Addison up and down. This woman was really much worse than Joyce. Why was Leo so blind?

Leo nodded and felt flattered. How could Serena say hello to him?

If she was here, would Joyce...

He hadn't seen Joyce for a long time.

Leo felt that it seemed to have been separated from each other for centuries. This feeling could be restrained even when he didn't see Joyce.

But now... Leo had only one thought, that was, he wanted to know if Joyce was also here.

"Are you alone?" Leo asked.

Addison was hostile to all the women around Leo, except Tracy. Upon hearing Leo's greeting, she asked, "Leo, who is she?"

Addison also looked at Serena up and down, and had classified her as a rival in love.

"What do you think?" Serena looked at Leo and asked.

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