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   Chapter 161 I'm Sorry For What Happens Today

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Like a hen protecting its cub, Addison stood in front of Leo, as if she was afraid that Cassie would take him away.

In Gael's study on the second floor of the Jiang family. "What do you want to say to me?"

Addison's mother pulled Gael away from Leo after dinner.

Addison's mother pulled out a chair and sat opposite Gael. Her face was serious. She didn't eat much just now.

"In fact, I don't think Leo is the most suitable person for our daughter."

She didn't say that casually. Addison's mother hadn't slept well these days and had been thinking about this question.

Leo was indeed outstanding among his peers, no matter in appearance or ability, but...

"What are you talking about?" Gael glared at Addison's mother and cursed angrily.

"I'm serious. Look at Leo's attitude towards our daughter." Addison's mother continued to persuade Gael.

As an outsider, she was sure that Leo didn't pay much attention to her daughter.

"Leo is a man of few words. We have known each other for a long time. Don't you know him well?"


Addison's mother was interrupted before she could finish her words.

"Women like to think too much. Isn't it good for Addison to marry Leo?"

"Where is good?" Addison's mother retorted.

"First, if we cooperate with Leo, our company will go to a higher level."

Hearing this, Addison's mother finally understood that Gael just wanted to cooperate with Leo, so he insisted on the marriage of Addison and Leo.

"Are you going to cut off the happiness of your daughter's whole life just for the company?" She stood up and questioned Gael.

Gael did what he said in the company. When he got home, he only treated Addison well. When Addison's mother questioned him like this, Gael immediately stood up from the chair.

"Am I wrong? Besides, our cooperation is complementary to each other. Leo doesn't dare to hurt Addison, or I won't let him go first!" After saying t

rate with Leo was not only because he could help the company to a higher level, but also because his daughter liked him more.

Gael's words were full of sincerity. At this moment, he was just a father who loved his daughter very much, not the CEO who usually gave orders in the company.

After a long while, Leo replied, "Okay."

Leo didn't know why he always felt that this scene was very familiar, as if he had experienced it before.

"Then I'm relieved." Gael smiled and sent Leo and Addison into the car, and then entered the Jiang family.

"What's wrong with you?" Gael had just heard the implication of Addison's mother's words. It was not appropriate to scold her in the front of Leo just now.

Addison's mother stood up and left without saying anything.

Leo was driving and didn't talk to Addison.

Perhaps it was because of Addison's mother's words that she felt embarrassed to say anything more.

After a long time, when they were about to arrive at the Xu family, Addison said, "I'm sorry for what happens today."

Addison said in an implicit way. Because that too many things had happened today.

Leo looked straight ahead and asked, "Sorry for what?" Leo didn't take what happened in the Jiang family seriously.

"Exactly..." Addison hemmed and hawed.

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