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   Chapter 159 Go Home With Me

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It turned out that she was such a useless person in their hearts. Although Joyce knew that people in the company looked down upon her and thought she got the position by her background. But Joyce was really sad when she heard it.

Without hesitation, Joyce opened the door and walked out.

Joyce walked to the sink and smiled at the two female colleagues who were talking about her. She wanted to tell them with her smile that she didn't care.

She knew that someone was watching her from behind, so she straightened her back. She didn't do anything wrong. Why did she hide?

When the two female colleagues saw Joyce, they looked at each other and watched Joyce leave without saying anything.

In Leo's house, Addison had already told her parents that she would take Leo home for dinner today.

She dressed herself up directly after Leo got off work, because she was worried that Leo would be annoyed when she was doing makeup and washing.

The door was opened and Leo came back.

"Leo, you're back." Addison ran to him and took the file bag from his hand. The two acted naturally, as if they were a newly married couple.

Leo didn't have any feelings when he saw Addison waiting for him at the door. He just nodded politely.

Noticing that Addison was looking at him, he asked, "What's wrong? What's up?"

"Can you go home with me for dinner tonight?" Addison asked in a low voice. She was so nervous that her face turned red.

Although Leo had promised her last time, she was still worried that he would refuse her.

Leo paused for a second and nodded, "I'll go to take a shower first, and we go home."

Hearing this, Addison was so happy that she thought it was because the two of them got along well these days that Leo gradually accepted her.

What she didn't know was that the reason why Leo treated her like this was that he had accepted Tracy's arrangement.

"Then I'll wait for yo

ouple and a husband accompanying his wife back to their parents' home.

"You're back. Come on in." Addison's mother opened the door and saw Leo and Addison. Seeing the happiness on Addison's face, Addison's mother didn't say anything more.

Leo put the gift on the ground and said to Addison's mother, "This is for you."

Addison's mother lowered her head and took a quick look at the gift. Her resentment against him had faded a lot. Leo still knew to bring the gift, at least he had the intention to go home with Addison.

Gael laughed loudly and joked, "Ha-ha, you still remember to come back. I think you will forget us as long as you have Leo."

Hearing her father's words, Addison's face turned even redder.

"Dad, don't talk nonsense."

Seeing such a happy scene, Cassie's heart was filled with hatred. She immediately went up and cut in, "Leo is really free. You are willing to come back with my sister."

She thought that it was because Leo and Addison got along day and night and had a crush on each other that Leo accompanied her sister home.

Hearing Cassie's voice, the smile on Addison's face froze. Why was she at home?

"Sister, don't you go to work?"

Although she was also present, Addison was still worried that Cassie would seduce Leo.

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