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   Chapter 156 I Want To Move Out

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"I'll pick you up at your home at seven o'clock in the evening."

Mr. Chen hung up the phone after he told Joyce Ruan the time.

Cassie Jiang deliberately cancelled all her activities in the afternoon and went to the company's apartment. When she was satisfied, she went back to the Jiang family and planned to tell her father that she was going to move out.

Cassie specially took off her heavy makeup and went to her father's study. She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Cassie pushed the door open and came in.

"Why are you here? What's up?" Seeing it was Cassie, Gael Jiang asked.

Usually, Cassie was in a hurry to announce or filming at this time. So when Gael Jiang saw her in the study, he was surprised.

"Dad, I have something to discuss with you."

"What is it?" Without raising his head, Gael Jiang continued to review the documents.

It was also because of his attitude of turning a blind eye that Cassie felt she was ignored, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

She suppressed her unhappiness and said, "I'm going to move out."

Hearing this, Gael Jiang didn't say anything for a long time. He put down the pen in his hand, looked straight at Cassie and asked, "Is it because you don't feel well living at home?"

Cassie Jiang shook her head.

"Did your family treat you badly?" Gael Jiang continued to ask.

Cassie Jiang shook her head again.

"Then why did you move out? I won't allow you to move out. "

Gael Jiang refused without hesitation. He didn't agree with Cassie being an actress. It was impossible for her to move out now.

"Why? I've grown up. I need my own space."

Cassie Jiang protested. She had an idea in her mind. 'Did my father prevent me from moving out just to monitor her for Addison?'

"Personal space? When you wanted to be an actress in the past, didn't I object to your decision? I won't agree you to move out this time. "

The rea

ntimental. Don't you want to drink juice at the party?" Mr. Chen gave the wine to Joyce Ruan.

Joyce looked at the wine glass in her hand helplessly and decided to let it be.

Mr. Chen had been following Joyce all the time. Seeing that she didn't drink at all, he urged, "Why don't you drink?"

Embarrassed, Joyce raised her glass and took a sip of the wine. It was so spicy that she choked on her nose, but she held it back and said nothing.

Mr. Chen smiled with satisfaction.

"Let's go over there." Mr. Chen brought Joyce to a charity party today to show off.

"This is Mr. Zhang, Joyce. Let's toast." Mr. Chen said to Joyce, pointing at a fat man.

When Joyce saw this greasy man, the first feeling was that she didn't like him, but for the sake of the order, she restrained her disgust and showed a polite smile.

"Hello, Mr. Zhang."

"New?" Mr. Zhang looked Joyce up and down and asked Mr. Chen.

Mr. Chen nodded.

"Lend me two days?" Mr. Zhang said in a low voice, fixing his eyes on Joyce.

His words greatly satisfied Mr. Chen's vanity. It meant that he didn't make a mistake this time.

"Let's talk about it later."

Then he left with Joyce.

"Let's go there to have a look." Mr. Chen continued to propose a toast to others with Joyce.

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