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   Chapter 99 A Family

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6308

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Joyce Ruan clenched her phone which was no longer on the phone. She thought to herself, 'If I don't have the courage, how can I love Leo?'

Thinking of this, she held her phone and went back to her seat.

On the other hand, Addison Jiang was pissed off by what Joyce said just now. She hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa. Obviously, she didn't want to hear Joyce's voice anymore.

"Joyce, how dare you, a mistress, provoke me so arrogantly? I will make your life a living hell!" She swore viciously.

Time passed quickly. After work, Joyce tidied up her appearance and went out of the company to take a taxi to their neighborhood.

The reason why she knew this community was not that Leo Xu had told her or came here before, but that this house had been exposed by the media. It was so expensive and its use that many women who had seen the news were envious and hateful.

This villa didn't look as magnificent as other people's mansions. Instead, it was very low-key and quiet. It looked very ordinary on the surface, but in fact, many of the ornaments in it were made by famous people. It was already very shocking when it was exposed.

Later, when Addison Jiang moved in, some people guessed that it was because of her health that here was so quiet. Such thoughtful arrangement let a single person envious.

But only Addison knew that Leo Xu didn't live here for long. Most of the time, he lived in an apartment near his company.

She ordered delivery food from SS Restaurant and waited for Joyce at home.

She was a little anxious. Joyce Ruan hadn't knocked on the door yet. She almost felt that Joyce didn't know the way, or was she afraid? Flinch?

When Addison Jiang thought of this, the doorbell rang. She snorted and thought, 'it turns out that she really knows the way.'

She even pinched Joyce on purpose and waited for a while before opening the do

Cassie was a little surprised at her sister's magnanimity, thinking that she was different from the people she knew.

"Addison, why are you so good to her? She is going to steal Leo from you! " Cassie also wanted to know if it was because she loved Leo so that she had changed herself.

Addison held her hand and said, "I love Leo, so I'm willing to compromise to be his wife. He's so obsessed with her now. I don't think he'll still be like this when he's old." 'And I will always be his wife, his legitimate wife! He can't get rid of me!'

"Addison, it's really unfair..." Cassie Jiang held her hand and pretended to feel sorry for her.

This really confused Addison. She knew that her sister's post was discovered by accident, so she made a plan and went to see Leo. She felt a little guilty to her sister.

At this time, Joyce walked out and found that her mobile phone was missing, which made her anxious. Because there were a lot of memories of her and Leo in it, she quickly borrowed the phone of the convenience store next to her and made a call.

When the two sisters were deep in love, they heard a strange ringtone at the dinner table. Addison Jiang stood up and looked at it. It was a phone ringing on the seat Joyce took just now.

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