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   Chapter 95 Disturbance

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6515

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"You don't have to say that. Since you have done such a thing, it means that you don't take me as the president at all."

"Okay, okay! Bill, why are you so heartless?" She was a financial manager. If what she had done was spread by Bill, she might never find a job in A City for the rest of her life.

As soon as she finished her words, she opened the door and went out. Then Bill turned his head to the side where she couldn't see. There was something shining in his eyes, but he held it back.

He picked up his phone and wanted to check the time, but accidentally saw a push message on the front page.

The striking titles, "Phoenix woman seduces many men in an attempt to marry into a rich family", "The history of a scheming bitch marrying into a rich family", and so on, were obviously to attack a person. Out of curiosity, he clicked in.

Sure enough, the comments were all against Joyce. When he clicked in just now, there were not many comments. After refreshing, there were more and more comments below, almost all of which were not good for Joyce.

"Little thing, it seems that I'm not the only one who wants you to disappear. It seems that someone is there." Thinking of this, he felt that he couldn't let go of this opportunity, so he immediately went to the e-mail and sent the photos which he had taken to the host anonymously.

Then he found the relevant public relations department to push this post, making it the most popular news in a short time.

After waiting anxiously for half an hour, as he had expected, this photo had already started to spread crazily on the Internet. Bill, who had successfully achieved the effect of borrowing a knife to kill people, happily closed his mobile phone, preparing to have a good rest and then get up to see what was going on.

However, Joyce was the litigant and knew nothing. After visiting Serena, she went to work intently. Since Joyce was a little tired, she went to the tea

uldn't be Joyce who came to ask him first, so he asked hesitantly.

"How dare you ask?! Shouldn't you contact her first? Well, you seem to be busy. Remember to contact Joyce first!"

She was unhappy with Leo, but at this time she could only ask him to help Joyce, because Henry's family was engaged in the medical industry, and had nothing to do with it.

Serena returned the phone to Henry as soon as she came in, without taking advantage of this opportunity to look at anything.

"Over? Why don't you check on my phone?" Seeing that Serena was serious, Henry wanted to tease her and make her happy.

Sure enough, the most effective way to make her happy was to flirt with her. She smiled and said to Henry, "Then give me your phone and I'll check it again!"

After hanging up the phone, Leo texted Joyce first, "I know what happens. I'm sorry. I'll handle it well. Don't worry."

Joyce received a message from him when she was distracted. Although he didn't say it to her personally, she felt at ease inexplicably.

She moved her finger and replied, "Okay."

When Leo entered the room again, he said to Serena's father, "I'm sorry. Something important happens here and I have to deal with it. Can we make another appointment?"

"Young man, go ahead. Inform me of the new time!"

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