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   Chapter 93 Waking Up

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"Well, don't go out recently, Cassie! Do you think it's appropriate for you to show up after making such a mess? " Gael Jiang put down the newspaper and said sternly.

She stood at the door, gritted her teeth, took a look at the winner's smile on Addison's face, and went upstairs to her room without saying anything.

Gael Jiang asked a servant to bring a glass of water to Addison and asked, "Are you feeling better? Your sister is immature. She knows that you are not in good health, but she doesn't know to be a little more tolerant. "

"Dad, I'm fine."

After a while, Addison Jiang heard the sound of something falling from upstairs, which startled her.

"Leave her alone. Let her do it." Gael Jiang simply said a few words and then stopped talking.

Since Joyce talked to Leo like that last night, the two of them had lost contact.

Today she received a call from Serena Li after work.

"Joyce, I'm so bored in the hospital. Come to play with me after work!"

At first, Joyce also wanted to see how Serena was doing, and she received a call from her in a hurry. She smiled and said, "Okay, I'm going there! Just call me! "

"Who are you talking to on the phone?" All of a sudden, she heard the voice of Henry Ji.

"Why do I feel that you don't need me to go there?" Joyce teased her.

Serena Li pushed the man beside her and said to the phone with a red face, "What? Don't make fun of me. Come here quickly."

Hearing this, Joyce didn't tease her anymore. She restrained her smile and say yes repeatedly.

"What are you doing! I'm still talking on the phone! "

Since Serena asked Joyce to call him back last night, Henry knew that she still cared about him in her heart. The two of them were much closer than before, but the two did not break the window paper.

When Joyce arrived, it was almost lunch time. Henry volunteered to buy food after asking their preferences.

After he left, Serena mysteriously asked, "Last night, I heard from Henry that you h

e were only two people left in the ward. With these documents in his hands, Henry Ji sat on the bedside and stared blankly at the documents in his hands.

"Is he awake?" Joyce sneaked in and asked.

Regaining his composure, Henry forced a smile and said, "Yes. He woke up earlier. He was too excited that the doctor inject a tranquilizer into his body. Why are you here?"

"I saw you walking this way just now. I knew it must be Bill who woke up. Come and have a look."

"Okay." Joyce Ruan came in alone. The two sat silently for a while, without saying anything.

She also noticed the document in his hand, but only saw a few key words. Out of curiosity, she couldn't help but read it.

"This is a document about Bill's tax evasion. If I hand it over, he will be in jail for several years."

How could Joyce hide her little action from his perception? She was also shocked by his answer.

"He doesn't look like such a person... "Indeed, he didn't seem to be a person who would do such a stupid thing.

"I think so, too." Said Henry, shaking the paper in his hand.

Just then, someone moved on the bed.

As soon as Bill Jiang opened his eyes slowly, he saw that it was Henry and Joyce. Immediately, the confusion in his eyes disappeared, and his eyes became filled with hatred, especially towards Henry Ji.

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