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   Chapter 91 Worry

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6200

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When Cassie Jiang realized this, she took the initiative to go out and saw Joyce Ruan waiting at the door of the ward.

"Hey, are you here to visit your lover? Why don't you go in? " Cassie Jiang said sourly.

Hearing someone talking, Joyce turned around and found it was Cassie.

"It's none of your business? But why are you sneaking around here? " Her series of questions made Cassie stunned. Cassie didn't feel that she had been well prepared before.

After all, the reason why Cassie was here was that she followed Leo all the way, or she wouldn't have come here. When she heard that, she inevitably panicked.

"Do you think I'm you? Two timing! "

Her voice was a little loud, and the passers-by couldn't help but look at her in a different way.

It was Henry who told Joyce that she would come here. After all, this was the company of the Ji family. It was easy for him to know whether a patient had checked in and where she lived.

After saying that, Henry went to ask the doctor about Serena's diet in the future. Serena's father went home first because of his health. Serena was resting in the ward, but when she heard such a loud noise, she walked out curiously.

When Serena saw that it was Cassie who was targeting her friend, she didn't care about the pain on her face at all. She walked over, pointed at Cassie and said, "You are disturbing the patient's rest with a loud noise in the hospital. You are so rude. Why do you blame my Joyce?"

Cassie had thought that she was a good talker, but after meeting Serena, she felt that her previous feelings were all illusions.

They were all daughters of rich families. She was not spoiled since she was a child, so she had such a character. But she couldn't see any sign of not being loved on Serena's face. She could also see that Serena was obviously a spoiled little princess f

he felt a little guilty. She said to Leo anxiously, "It's late. I'm going home! Good night! " Then she got in the car and ran away.

"Wow, I just said that I heard you. Why was she so scared like this?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"What's wrong?"

"Why did you come out? Why aren't you with Serena? "

"That's because Joyce accompanied her. What's more, it's not a serious illness."

Leo caught him at this time and wanted to teach him a lesson.

"Did he hit Serena?" Then he handed Henry a cigarette.

The two lit up their cigarettes almost at the same time. Henry nodded in smoke.

Hearing the affirmative answer, Leo took a deep drag on his cigarette and said, "Then he deserves it."

"I didn't plan to keep him alive.

If it weren't for Serena's urgent injury."

They looked at each other tacitly and punched each other. Henry thought in his heart, he really deserved to be my brother. It was true that great minds think alike.

At the same time, Serena, who was in the hospital, suddenly felt a little flustered at the thought of her own performance when she saw that Henry had left.

The two of them slowly walked back to the ward. Serena held Joyce's hand and said, "Joyce, I..."

"Are you worried now?"

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