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   Chapter 88 What's The Relationship

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6325

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At this moment, the paparazzi rushed out with a microphone and almost put it into Joyce's mouth. They asked very fast, "Miss Joyce, what's the relationship between you and Mr. Bill and Mr. Leo? Are you in love triangle?"

The sudden appearance of the person startled her. She took a step back and almost lost her balance, which startled Leo. He even lifted his feet and wanted to help her up, but he still controlled himself with reason and stopped his feet.

When he saw the paparazzi suddenly appear, his first reaction was still to protect her. This psychological activity made him feel that he was really a little cheap.

Then he thought for a while and realized that Bill should be protecting her at this time. He turned around and said to Cassie, "There's nothing for us here. Let's go."

Hearing this, the paparazzi immediately turned around, ran to Leo, put the microphone in his mouth and asked, "Mr. Leo, aren't you engaged to Miss Addison? Why do you take Miss Addison's sister to attend activities frequently these two days? Is the Jiang family going to buy one for free?"

Hearing the reporter's unpleasant words, Cassie couldn't help but get angry. "What do you mean? You just buy one for free!"

Because her family had always cared about her sister since Cassie was a child. In comparison, she was like a child that had been picked up. She had to work very hard to get the praise of the adults, and her sister could get the praise only by doing something casually. This was her biggest concern from childhood.

At this time, an outsider unintentionally took it out and said, instantly ignited her violent temper.

The reporter didn't expect that the seemingly gentle second daughter of the Jiang family would be so hot tempered, but he was professional after all, and he had money to push him forward.

Not afraid of Cassie, he moved a little forward and said, "Wha

ake your boyfriend home and dad will know!"

At this time, Serena felt that her father was about to change his life. How could he be so nag?

Soon, Serena and her father arrived at the party. As soon as her father entered, someone came up to cotton up to him.

Serena gave a hint to her father, and her father nodded helplessly. Then she ran around to look for Joyce. She looked for the whole party, but didn't see Joyce. She felt strange. How could she not find her! And even Bill and Leo were missing!

At this time, she saw Leo coming out of a passageway in the corner. She ran over, grabbed Leo and asked, "Where is Joyce?"

When he heard that someone dared to mention Joyce's name at this time, he opened his mouth and wanted to be fierce, but he saw Henry, who had just arrived, quickly walking over.

He didn't want to scold her for the sake of his brother. He pointed at his back and walked away.

Serena wondered why Leo looked a little different from what she saw at the airport.

On the way, she saw Cassie, and so did Cassie. The two of them didn't talk much but just rolled their eyes at each other.

When she entered the room, she couldn't see the paparazzi anymore. She saw that Bill raised his hand and was about to slap Joyce.

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