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   Chapter 87 Play With Her

Love You Like Crazy By Chang Du Characters: 6379

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At this time, Joyce Ruan felt as if someone was looking at her with burning eyes and felt uncomfortable.

When she looked back, she met Leo's eyes. She saw sadness and disappointment in his eyes, and her heart sank.

Noticing the stiffness of Joyce's body, Bill Jiang followed her sight and saw Leo, who had said that he wouldn't be here. He was overjoyed.

He wanted to end the conversation with the businessman in front of him as soon as possible and take Joyce to demonstrate.

Cassie Jiang, who had just arrived before Leo, was also surprised to see Leo. As the two clans worked closely together, she heard from her father that Leo had gone abroad for an emergency of the company. At least he wouldn't come back today.

Therefore, Addison Jiang didn't want to attend the party without Leo. She pretended to be uncomfortable and asked her father to send Cassie here.

At the beginning, Cassie didn't want to take part in the party. She didn't even keep her watch. She didn't show up until a few minutes before Leo arrived.

Therefore, she didn't notice that Joyce was also here.

When she saw Leo, she felt that this chance was god given to get close to him, and it was giving her chances over again and again.

Without hesitation, she got close to Leo and held his arm, asking in a sweet voice, "Leo, why are you here? Didn't you go abroad? "

This creepy voice attracted Leo's attention. He lowered his head and saw Cassie, saying, "Well, come and have a look when I finish my work."

Then he pulled out his hand secretly and walked towards the wine area.

"You haven't eaten anything since you came back, have you? Would you like to have dinner with me later? "

Everyone knew that the main purpose of this party was to promote the cooperation between people at this level, not to really use it for food and drink. Therefore, Cassie wanted to invite Leo to have dinner together. At

, Cassie fell directly to the ground and a few meters back. The loud noise was enough to frighten Joyce.

"You..." Cassie's action startled her and she was about to say something.

"Joyce, what are you doing? Don't go too far! " Leo's voice came from behind her.

He walked forward, walked past her, helped Cassie up and asked in a low voice, "Are you okay?"

Blushing, Cassie replied, "Nothing."

Leo Xu turned around and looked at her fiercely, "What are you doing? If you want to play tricks on me, then you really think too much. There is no woman who can play tricks on me, Leo. Don't be so self-righteous! "

She was very sad to hear him say that, but at this time, she saw Bill behind the two people and said to her with his mouth shape, "Mason Chen." Then he shook his head at her.

Joyce had no choice but to swallow her words back. She stared at Leo and said, "If you insist that I'm such a person, I have no choice."

"You just admitted it. What are you still defending for?"

This scene really made the paparazzi hiding not far away excited. They wondered if they should add an interview later. There must be a big increase in reading.

Bill Jiang came out from behind and said, "It's not right for Mr. Leo to scold my woman in the corner."

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