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   Chapter 86 Laughing Happily

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When they arrived at the airport, Leo went straight to pick up the air ticket that his assistant had booked for him. Henry said, "I suddenly feel strange. Should I say that you have a good trip at this time?"

"Screw you!"

Then Henry and Leo waited for the plane for a while. The radio began to broadcast that Leo's flight should be boarded as soon as possible. When Leo stood up, he had a feeling that he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Henry asked, "Do you want me to take good care of Serena?" After saying that, he laughed.

Leo hit him and said, "Screw you! Why should I ask you to take care of Serena? Shouldn't you take care of her by yourself?"

"All right, all right. I'll take care of Joyce. You can come back as soon as you finish your work. I'm very busy."

Of course Leo knew that it was Henry who had to spend the romantic time with Serena when he was talking about the avatar technique. Leo waved his hand and said, "Okay, okay, I know. I will come back as early as possible."

The second day, when Joyce got up, she saw Leo's missed call, so she called back, but it turned out that his phone was powered off.

Without hesitation, she got up, washed up and went to work.

Leo was also very busy dealing with things abroad. He had forgotten about it and didn't call her again.

In Joyce's opinion, these two days passed very quickly, because she didn't want that day to come, because she had to fulfill the agreement to attend the party with Bill.

And according to his attitude towards her and Leo several times before, the reason why he asked her to do so was obvious. It was obvious that he wanted to worsen the relationship between her and Leo, so that they could not make it possible for them to be together. Then Leo misunderstood her.

However, she had to do it for Mason...

Soon, it was the appointed day. Joyce had never been staring at the company's cloc

"I'm going home. We can play some other day." As soon as Serena finished her words, she ran out of the room. At this moment, Henry had no choice but to catch up with her and hold her hand.

"What happens all of a sudden? Don't you say we are going to play?"

"Don't pull me. I have an urgent matter." Serena tried to shake off Henry's hand.

Holding her hand tightly, Henry held her hand and walked out while saying, "Then I'll drive you back." 'I'm worried about you.' He didn't say that, but just told himself in his heart.

Seeing that he insisted, she didn't refuse anymore.

Leo got the address of Joyce's party from Henry and went there directly. Although he was a little confused, why didn't Serena go to the party she attended...

When Leo arrived at the party, he knew the reason. It was a business party, and Serena was not qualified to come in, unless her father was qualified.

Before entering the room, Leo was wondering how did Joyce get in since this was a party that even Serena was not qualified to attend...

When he entered the room, he saw that Joyce was standing next to Bill, who was holding her waist with one hand and talking happily with the businessman opposite.

The most dazzling thing to Leo was that Joyce was also laughing happily!

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