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   Chapter 82 Can You Decide This

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6028

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"You know what? Shouldn't you be here? You shouldn't have appeared in Leo's heart! " When Cassie Jiang said this, she was somewhat bewitched.

But Joyce thought for a while. 'If I remember correctly, Leo is her brother-in-law to be. How could she act like I stole her fiance?'

"Are you defending your sister or yourself?"

Joyce hit the nail on the head.

"…It's none of your business. You just need to know that it's your fault to be here! "

Serena Li stood behind her and said, "Can you decide whether she is here or not?"

As the saying goes, three women make a play, and the three of them can really make a play.

Why didn't Leo who went out to get a drink come back? It was all because he was pestered by Bill Jiang outside.

"Mr. Leo, is Miss Ruan hot?"

Anyone who saw a man and a woman go to a corner alone at such a party would surely make people fantasize.

But Leo didn't want to hear Bill talk to him in such a strange way, so he replied, "Anyway, she isn't yours."

At this time, Serena, who found that Joyce was not at the balcony, came over.

She asked straightforwardly, "Who of you two took Joyce away?"

Bill Jiang wanted to say something, but Leo Xu said first, "She is in the lounge, waiting for my assistant to send clothes."

This was even more ridiculous. When Serena heard this, she really thought that Leo had done something to Joyce. Fortunately, Henry stopped her and whispered, "In public! Stop it. Let's go to see what's going on with Joyce first. "

She was more worried about Joyce than she wanted to teach Leo a lesson.

"If anything happens to Joyce, I will make you suffer." Serena Li hurried there.

Before following her, Henry patted Leo on the shoulder and gave him a complicated look. The two of them had known each other for a long t

car slowly and cautiously up, attracting everyone's attention, including Joyce Ruan and Serena Li.

When it was finally opened, the host said excitedly, "Yes, everyone, this is the heart of the desert. You don't need me to say anything more! The starting price is one hundred thousand. "

As soon as the host finished his words, someone shouted, "One million!"

Then all kinds of people raised the price one after another, which made Joyce stop trying. Serena gritted her teeth and shouted several times, only to find that she had no choice.

"What a pity!" Serena said to Joyce.

She didn't know that Joyce had been lost in her memory.

Back then, she only saw the heart of the desert on the magazine and joked, "If you don't marry me with this in the future, I won't agree!"

Leo took a look, touched her head dotingly and said, "Okay, I'll propose with it and let you be my wife."

"Joyce?" Seeing that Joyce didn't respond to her and looked ahead blankly, Serena poked Joyce with her elbow.

It was not until this moment that Joyce pulled herself out of her memory. She turned to look at Serena and asked, "What's wrong?"

"What a pity that I can't get the heart of the desert!"

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