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   Chapter 80 Female Companion

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6442

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Hearing that, Serena smiled happily and said, "Okay, I'll pick you up after work. Let's go to a salon together."

"Okay." After freshening up, Joyce continued, "Well, it's late. I'm going to work!"


One day passed, and it was time for Joyce to get off work. She was too busy to remember that she had promised Serena to go to the charity party with her.

It was Serena who waited for her outside for a while. Before she came out, Serena knew that she must be painting again, forgetting herself.

When she came in, she did see Joyce busy at her desk, and most of her colleagues had left.

Knowing who Serena was, they still wanted to say hello to her, but was refused by her with a gesture. Then Serena tiptoed to the side of Joyce.

"Joyce!" Serena suddenly jumped out and shouted.

Joyce, who was concentrating on her work, was startled by Serena's voice.

"Ah!" Then she was so frightened that she folded her arms across her chest and found it was Serena. Joyce smiled and scolded, "Why do you always scare me?"

"Why do you ask me to wait for you for so long? Don't you remember what you promise me this morning?"

Hearing what Serena said, Joyce suddenly realized that she had promised to go to the charity party with her this morning...

"Ah, ah, ah, I'm sorry. I am too busy to remember!" Thinking of this, Joyce began to pack up her things in a hurry.

Then she went to have a simple hairstyle with Serena.

On the other side, when Leo woke up today, he felt a splitting headache. The feeling of hangover was really not good...

Leo sat on the bed and took a look at his watch. It was already afternoon and his schedule showed that he had to attend a charity party tonight.

He felt a little annoyed and didn't want to go. After thinking that it might not be an important activity, he decided not to go.

Then he received a call from Henry.

"Leo, are you awake now? Don't you say t

n styling and was late, which made her feel that she was under the spotlight.

Fortunately, Serena's imposing manner encouraged her a little, so she didn't look so abrupt.

However, when she just came in, she was secretly looking for Leo with her small eyes. But there were too many people, and many people's attention was on her, so she was embarrassed to look for him too much.

When Cassie saw that Joyce also came to the party, she walked towards Leo without being noticed and complained in her heart:

'How can this woman come to such an important party? It is really a mistake.'

But she didn't expect that the reason why she could be Leo's companion at this party was that Leo wanted to see Joyce at this party.

Otherwise, how could she meet him here?

"Hello, everyone. Today's auction will begin in three minutes. Please have a seat."

Hearing this, Serena knew that she was late, so she quickly took Joyce to sit down.

When most of the people sat down, most of the lights went out.

"Joyce, let's take something today!"

It was also the first time for Joyce to attend such kind of party. She nodded with curiosity, and then found that Serena couldn't see it. She said, "Okay, I'll see it later! After all, it is also making contributions to charity!"

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