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   Chapter 78 Skittish

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In Joyce's eyes, Leo didn't change at all, but from Bill Jiang's point of view, he could clearly feel Leo's hostility to him, as if a lion was protecting its territory.

All of a sudden, he felt that what he had done was very interesting. He bet on Joyce. It seemed that he had made a right bet. He had found what Leo cared about.

'I must destroy everything that Leo cares about!'

Thinking of this, Bill Jiang didn't see the two people coming in.

They were Henry Ji and Serena Li. Serena dragged him to have lunch with Joyce.

Then they saw the three people not far away. Because of the distance, Serena only recognized Joyce.

"Joyce isn't at work now. What is she doing?"

Henry recognized Leo, but didn't know who the other tall man was. Confused, he asked, "Why is Leo here? It's a little strange. He should be working in the company at this time! "

"Bill, we haven't settled our accounts yet! Do you want to increase the contradictions here? " Leo Xu said, staring at Bill Jiang.

It seemed that Bill didn't feel the danger in his eyes at all. He said, "The account between us? Even if I don't know it for a long time, I don't mind doing it again! "

"Besides, this is the woman I got first. What qualifications do you have as a newcomer! You just picked up my leftovers! "

Joyce didn't expect that Bill, who had always been gentle to her, would be like a shrew at this time.

Joyce Ruan was so angry that she didn't know what to say.

At this moment, a familiar voice said, "Who do you think you are? Are you talking about my sister here? Believe it or not, I'll tear your mouth apart! "

Hearing this voice, Joyce knew who was coming. Serena was just about to come over happily and call Joyce, but she was pissed off when she heard what Bill

nd asked, "Leo, are you okay?"

Leo still said stubbornly, "I'm fine."

Then he got in his car and drove away. Henry didn't know how to comfort him. He should be alone and think it over.

Then he remembered that he had left the two girls in that abnormal place, so he felt it was not appropriate and ran back quickly.

From afar, he could hear Joyce crying in Serena's arms. He could only sigh helplessly and chose not to go forward. He chose to let the two sisters stay alone for a while.

Joyce cried for a while and heard the sound of someone coming down from the elevator. Serena patted her and said, "It's time to get off work. Let me go home with you."

Then Serena wiped her tears and helped her walk out. Outside, she saw Henry smoking in the corner.

"Go upstairs and get Joyce's bag. I'll take her to the car first. Hurry up."

It was the first time that Henry had seen Serena being so serious. It was rare that he didn't refuse her. He nodded and went upstairs to get Joyce's bag.

Serena comforted Joyce who was crying in the car. After a while, Henry came back and the two sent her home together.

But to be honest, Joyce didn't know how she got home.

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