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   Chapter 76 I Have The Right To Stay Out All Night

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At this time, she received a message from Leo.

"How about the cooperation? Is it stable now?"

"It's stable!"


Hearing his praise, Joyce felt better.

"Who sends you the message? Why are you laughing so happily?" While bickering with each other, Serena found that she was looking at her phone and laughing foolishly.

"What? Nothing, it's just a funny story." Then she returned the phone to the main screen.

Serena was not an ordinary person. Of course, she could see that her little actions were all disguised, and she was not going to point it out.

Then, she heard that Henry lazily said, "What's the story? Let's have a good time together!"

Hearing this, Joyce was in a dilemma! She wanted to say something funny to lighten the mood. But she was too scared to remember anything.

Serena immediately retorted, "It's none of your business what Joyce is reading! She doesn't want to share it with you!"

"Alas! I am curious about it and just ask. Is that okay?" Standing still with his chin, Henry asked.

"No, no, I won't let you know!"

Serena refused him cutely. Looking at her dotingly, Henry didn't say anything.

"Excuse me, your dishes are here." At this time, the waiter came to serve the dishes.

Joyce had been watching the bickering between the two people, but she didn't miss the affection shown by the bickering between the two people.

But just like Serena didn't point out that she was in touch with Leo, she didn't mention the matter of the two people either.

The three ended the meal in two people's constant bickering. It was a typical way to argue with each other if he or she liked you.

After the meal, Henry and Serena were about to take a walk to the seaside. Serena asked Joyce if she would go with them or not.

"I'm not going. You can go. I have to go home and supervise my brother to pack up and go to school!"

"If Mason is here at thi

Joyce sent him to the gate of the community and called a taxi for him.

"Take good care of yourself after you go back to school. Apply medicine on your fingers on time. Don't work too hard to play the piano before you recover." She wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Mason decisively.

"Ah! Sister, why are you so nagging? It's not that I won't come back. Oh, dear!"

Joyce's eyes were brimming with tears. She felt like she was going to send her children to school in the village. But now she lost all her feelings because of him.

She was so angry that she could only rub his hair and said, "Bastard! Just go!"

Mason hugged her tightly and said softly, "I'm leaving, sister."

Looking at the direction of the car leaving, Joyce couldn't help but shed tears. Then she wiped her tears quickly for fear of being laughed at.

When Leo went back to the company, he found his mother waiting for him in his office, and the assistant outside also looked serious, which made him feel funny.

After entering the room, Tracy asked, "Where do you go last night? Why do I have to come to the company in person to catch you?"

"I'm an adult. I have the right to stay out all night." Obviously, Leo didn't intend to answer his mother's question seriously.

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