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   Chapter 70 Hate Iron Not To Produce

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6769

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Sitting on the chair, Leo was thinking about the dream he had last night.

Joyce didn't admit that she knew him before, and the people around him didn't know anything about his love story in college, just like he didn't love anyone, and the memory he had forgotten was just insignificant.

Then he remembered that his mother asked him what happened this morning because he didn't look well.

He told her the truth and asked, "Mom, don't I really like that kind of girlfriend before?"

When he asked this question, there was a flash of confusion in his mother's eyes, but he did not understand what it meant.

"How can it be possible? My son is so picky. How can you fall in love with a girl casually?" Then she looked at Addison, held her hand and said, "Only an excellent girl like Addison deserves to be my daughter-in-law."

Only Tracy knew whether she was comforting Addison or herself.

He had thought that if he had left her alone for two hours, it would have been enough. Then an hour had passed, and he couldn't wait any longer. He stood up and took the elevator to go downstairs.

At this time, looking at the time on the watch passing by, Mason's patience was worn out bit by bit.

When he was about to stand up and leave, he saw the CEO's exclusive elevator open and the person he had been waiting for was coming out.

When Leo walked out of the lounge and saw Mason not Joyce, he knew what was going on.

Leo hated himself in his heart. Why was he still so stupid to tangle with it? And the person was his rival in love!

Leo didn't think there was anything wrong with his definition.

Seeing him, Leo didn't want to go any further. He took a few steps back and was ready to go back to work.

Mason had already seen him at this time. He had thought that Leo would come over, but he did not expect that Leo would choose to retreat.

Mason caught up with Leo and stopped the door from closing.

"What? What's up?" There was no kind person coming.

"I have something to talk to you."


hy don't you pack up your things! Are you slacking off?" As soon as she pushed the door open, she saw that Mason was gritting his teeth with one of his fingers.

He was obviously frightened when he saw her suddenly push the door open, but it was too late to hide the painful expression on his face.

"What's wrong with your finger?" Joyce walked quickly to him and wanted to check what happened to his fingers.

"Nothing. I just sprain my ankle..." He wanted to hide his fingers from her.

But how could Joyce really believe that nothing had happened? She grabbed his arm and said, "Don't say so much. Let me have a look!"

Mason was still resisting. He didn't let her see, which irritated Joyce. She said angrily, "Mason! Don't move. Let me have a look!"

He hadn't heard that Joyce was so angry for a long time, so he didn't move at once. When Joyce saw his finger, she became angrier.

"Don't you say that you go to the bookstore? How do you get your finger hurt?"

Mason didn't know how to explain, so he didn't say anything.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Joyce suddenly felt disappointed at him.

"… Forget it. I'll take you to the hospital!"

Then she took Mason to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, she asked him many times how he got his hand hurt, but he didn't say anything, which made Joyce very angry.

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