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   Chapter 69 Who Are You

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"Who are you?" Mason couldn't help asking when he saw the man in front of him.

Surprised, Henry asked, "Who are you?"

Mason smiled and said, "This is my home. Ask me who I am."

"Who is he, Mason?"

Serena sat in the living room for a while and didn't see Mason come in. Feeling a little strange, she asked.

At first, Henry was confused and looked at the door number, afraid that he might go wrong. Then he heard Serena's voice and confirmed that he didn't go wrong.

"I don't know. A man I don't know."

"I'm a friend of Serena." Henry said coldly.

"Serena, he says that he is your friend!" Mason pushed the door open subconsciously and closed it by accident...

"Forget it. Anyway, he is your friend. He won't mind, will he?" Mason looked at Serena, who had already walked up to him and was stunned.


Mason patted her on the shoulder and walked inside.

Serena had to open the door by herself.

"Well, I'm sorry. He closes the door by accident ..." Serena scratched her head and said shyly.

Serena said she was embarrassed. As a gentleman, how could he care about it!

"Nothing." Henry said casually with a smile.

Serena didn't want to give him a chance to ask, then she asked, "By the way, why are you here?"

Leaning forward, Henry whispered in her ear, "I miss you..."

Henry's flirtatious voice and deliberately lowered his voice beside her ear really caught her attention.

Blushing with shame, Serena took a step back and said, "You..."

At this time, Joyce said loudly, "Serena and Mason, it's time for having a meal!"

When Henry heard the voice, he answered in the same voice, "Joyce, can I come here to grab some food?"

"Stop dawdling! You must have eaten!" Serena said rudely.

When Joyce heard a strange voice, she poked her head out and found it was Henry.

She smiled and said, "You're welcome. Come in. Just some home cooking. If you don't mind."

"How can I m

r a long time last night, and now she knew that she had come to see him in person. If he was in such a hurry to see her directly, wouldn't it be very embarrassing?

Thinking of this, he changed the words he was about to say, "Ask him to wait for me downstairs. I'm not free now."

The receptionist received the instruction and hung up the phone.

Mason had thought that the receptionist would take him to look for Leo, but what she said surprised him.

"Our CEO is busy now and can't see you. You can wait in the rest area."

The receptionist said politely.

Mason also knew that it was useless to embarrass a receptionist, and he would be thrown out instead...

"Okay." He would like to see when Leo would see him...

When he sat down, he thought for a while. He said that Joyce wanted to see him, but he didn't see him immediately. It seemed that Leo didn't take his sister seriously at all.

Thinking of this, Mason frowned and felt very angry. He was afraid that he had forgotten what he had done with his sister's phone last night.

Leo kept looking at his watch. Half an hour later, he decided whether he should go downstairs to see her or not. But when he reached the door, he didn't move and turned back. Thinking that it was not enough, he had to wait for a while.

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