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   Chapter 66 Have A Nice Talk

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"How about one hundred thousand?" Leo Xu said indifferently.

The boss didn't stop his steps. He replied vaguely, "If you really like this photo, you won't measure it in money."

Hearing the words of the boss, Leo took a sip of wine with a smile. He felt that it was really abrupt to say something like this.

After drinking alone for a while, Leo found that the boss, who had been busy, also had time to drink alone at the bar counter. He stood up and walked towards the bar counter with the wine in his hand.

"Would you like a drink?"

Leo offered the toast generously, which startled the boss.

"I'm sorry for what I said just now. I didn't mean to belittle your work."

The boss was also experienced and could tell that Leo's temperament was completely different. Moreover, he was a person who opened a door to do business. Of course, it was impossible for him to lose his money just for a little thing.

"Never mind." He replied with a smile. Then he clinked glasses with Leo and smiled.

That night, Leo Xu had a good talk with the owner of the bar, and more or less knew something about Joyce's past.

Leo went back home in the middle of the night. His family thought he wouldn't come back tonight, so they didn't leave the door for him. He opened the door by himself.

Looking at the faint light in the living room, Leo walked over in confusion. Seeing his mother sleeping on the sofa in a single dress, he felt a little sorry for her. After all, this was his mother, his family member that he had to get along with all the time.

When he walked over, Tracy Feng felt the footsteps. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Leo in front of her. In a daze, she said, "You're back. Then I'll go back to my room to sleep."

Hearing his mother's words, Leo held back what he was going to say and helped his mother to go upstairs.

When they went upstairs, Tracy sobered up a little. She grabbe

her side.

Tracy had been an arrogant person since she was a child. She felt uncomfortable when her future daughter-in-law scolded her like this. But it was also because her son had done something wrong, and she didn't want the Xu family to pay for the cooperation, so their status in the negotiation was lower at the beginning.

At the thought of this, Tracy Feng took out her phone and wanted to call her son, but she remembered that she had just mentioned it not long ago. If she were Leo, she would have been annoyed, so she sent a message to Leo, telling him that he must coax Addison back today.

Leo was driving, so he checked the message casually. When he saw the message again, he simply replied, "I know." Then he didn't look at his phone anymore.

Leo didn't know why he wanted to hear Joyce's voice at this time, even if she just said she wouldn't contact him last night.

His hand moved with excitement, and then he dialed Joyce's number with the other hand holding the phone. Fortunately, Leo realized what he had done in time and hung up the phone before it was connected.

At this time, Joyce Ruan was taking a bus. She felt her phone was ringing, but it didn't ring for a while. The bus was crowded, so she didn't want to take out her phone again.

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