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   Chapter 61 My Cutie

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As soon as Cassie Jiang closed the door, she realized that Addison had taken away a lot of things from her since childhood because of Addison's poor health, and her sister Addison had habitually regarded her own illness as a sharp blade.

Although her favorite Leo had been arranged with her sister by the two families, she felt uncomfortable when she thought of the appearance of Joyce who seemed to want to take Leo away from them.

Thinking of this, Cassie fell asleep, thinking that she must go to see who this woman was on the second day.

Even though Joyce Ruan slept with Serena Li, she didn't sleep well. Besides, she cried so hard that her eyelids were terribly swollen on the second day.

When Serena woke up, she went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth in a daze. When she saw Joyce in the bathroom, she was shocked at first. Then she held her stomach and said with a smile, "Joyce, do you know what you look like now? fish eye, haha!"

Hearing her friend's teasing voice, Joyce turned her head to look at the mirror beside her and said, "What? I'm not happy to be like this. Why are you laughing?" Then she was about to hit Serena Li.

Seeing Joyce raising her hand and coming over, Serena immediately apologized and raised her hand, "Don't, don't, I'm sorry, okay?"

Then the two of them freshened up and were about to go out. Joyce Ruan asked, "Why do you go out so early?"

"I'm driving you to work! My cutie. "


Serena Li drove Joyce to work in her red Ferrari. Recently, a group of new employees came to the company. When they saw this red Ferrari, they were wondering who it was!

When they saw two beautiful women coming down, they couldn't help but ask the people next to them, "Who are they? Why do they drive such a luxurious car to work? " They thought that the two might be either rich or powerful.

The woman who was stopped by them smiled and said, "One is the daughter of our boss, and the other is her good friend and our coll

nfused, "Who are you? I'm going to call the police! "

If it weren't for the fact that she was dressed in expensive clothes and looked like someone, Joyce would have called the police directly. She wouldn't have said so much.

"Huh? Call the police? You even seduce the man who has a fiancee. How dare you talk with sufficient reasons? "

Hearing this, Joyce had a general idea of what she was doing here. She immediately felt tired both physically and mentally. She had been very uncomfortable these days because of these things.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore. A clean hand wants no washing." Joyce didn't want to explain anything.

Cassie's visit today would definitely not let her muddle through so easily. She held Joyce's hand and was about to make a fuss.

She shouted, "Why are you so confident that you seduced my sister's fiance? ? ? !"

The loud noise had attracted the attention of the neighbors. Joyce's neighbor was a family of three. Normally, Joyce often helped the family look after the child and teach him to do homework.

So when the neighbor came out and saw a strange woman holding Joyce's hand and shouting, she walked up to pull Cassie away and said, "What are you doing? Disturbing the citizens? I will call the security! "

The feeling of being protected by a stranger made Joyce feel warm.

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