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   Chapter 60 Let's Wait And See

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Hearing his words, Joyce frowned and got off the car without saying anything.

Looking at her receding figure, Bill put on his sunglasses and said to himself with a smile, "Joyce, you are the woman that Leo likes. I can't let you go!"

Then he left.

After a quick shower, Joyce took her pajamas and tomorrow's clothes and left home, ready to look for Serena.

But she had thought that it was Serena who called her to ask her to go Serena's house, so she could go there directly. But she didn't expect that she would find that she was not at home. She immediately felt heartbroken, so she could only squat at the door and call Serena.

At this time, Serena and Henry just came out of the cinema. When Serena saw the phone call from Joyce, She suddenly remembered that she had called her when she went to the bathroom. The two of Serena and Joyce had to sleep on their own at night.

Not knowing what was going on, Henry was about to ask her if she would go back tonight.

"Tonight, you. . ."

As soon as Henry opened his mouth, Serena answered quickly, leaving him no chance to daydream, "I've made an appointment with Joyce to come to my house tonight. Tonight is my best friend's night."

Hearing what Serena said, Henry smiled. He rubbed her head and said, "Well, I'll drive you home!"


Joyce squatted alone at the door of Serena's house for a long time before she saw a car driving towards here, but the car looked obviously familiar. . .

'Isn't this the car that Henry drives when he comes to me?'

Then she saw that Henry got out of the car and opened the door for Serena. Serena ran over with a smile and held Joyce in her arms. "Oh, I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Joyce..."

Although Joyce felt strange that Serena and Henry had become so familiar with each other, she believed that Serena must have her own considerations when she did things. Moreover, the two of them were from families of equ

home. When he fed it to Addison, he found that Addison seemed to be in a better condition, so he scolded Cassie, "What do you do as a younger sister? Don't you know that your elder sister has a heart problem! What are you talking about?"

From her point of view, Cassie had already seen the sneer on the corner of Addison's mouth. She knew that Addison had taken care of many people because of her illness, so she didn't intend to argue with her father. She sneered and left.

"You are getting more and more unreasonable!"

She went back to her room as if she hadn't heard her father's reprimand. Her father was so angry that his beard was askew. He roared, "Don't try to get pocket money from me recently!"

Without saying anything from Addison, then Gael said, "Come here. I'll help you go back to your room and have a good rest. Don't listen to your sister's nonsense."

"Okay, Dad."

After sending Addison back to her room, Gael carefully told her all the matters needing attention. Then he left his daughter's room and the door of the opposite room opened.

Standing at the door, Cassie said to Addison, "let's see if you can win Leo's heart with your disease!"

Then she closed the door, which made Addison so angry that she slammed it and said, "let's wait and see!"

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