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   Chapter 54 This Is My Girlfriend

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At this time, Bill Jiang passed by Joyce's company. He looked at his watch and found that it was almost lunch time, so he decided to invite her to lunch by the way.

When Bill entered the office, he didn't see anyone sitting on Joyce's seat. He was a little confused and decided to go straight to the manager's office to ask.

Bill Jiang walked to the door of the manager's office and knocked on the door. When he entered, he saw that the manager was busy with his work with his head down. Then Bill said, "I want to ask if Joyce didn't come to work today."

The manager was about to teach him a lesson, but when he saw Bill, he said, "Ah, Mr. Jiang, Leo's mother is talking to her in the coffee shop opposite the company."

Bill Jiang was a little surprised by the manager's answer, but he knew Tracy Feng. He knew what would happen to Joyce who was asked to go out by Tracy at this time. Obviously, she would be bullied.

Thinking of this, he nodded without hesitation and walked out quickly.

To Bill's surprise, as soon as he walked out of the coffee shop, he saw Tracy turn back. It seemed that something had been left in the shop.

When Tracy saw Joyce come out of the bathroom, she knew why Joyce went there. Then she took the key in her seat she had forgotten, walked to Joyce and said, "Oh, you cried secretly?"

Hearing her words, Joyce felt that all her little secrets had been seen through. She bit her lips and didn't know what to say.

"Mrs. Xu, why are you here at this time? Are you bullying a little girl here? "

Hearing a familiar voice, Tracy turned around and found it was Bill Jiang, a young and promising man she knew.

"Hey, Mr. Jiang, why are you here?"

Bill Jiang walked quietly to Joyce and said, "I should ask you what brought you to my girlfriend's company and asked her to come out for a talk." After saying that, he put his hand on Joyce's waist and tried hard to st

hink of it as he didn't put him on the list.

"How dare you hit me?"

The assistant then handed over the relevant documents. He knew clearly that Mr. Leo would not let this matter go easily and must make Bill suffer. Bill would consider to stop if he knew that the Xu family was not easy to bully. So the assistant brought all the documents about Bill Jiang with him.

Seeing that his assistant was so considerate, Leo said, "Well done. The bonus will be doubled. I'll check the documents first. You can go out now."

"Yes, Mr. Leo." The assistant went out obediently.

Leo looked at the documents in his hand, in which there was also the schedule of Bill Jiang in recent days. He found that Bill Jiang had frequently gone to Joyce's company these days.

'Joyce, is everything around me related to you?'

For Leo, this question was like a death question, which made him fall into an irreparable dead end, where he had been racking his brains.

At this time, a message came in and pulled Leo back from his thoughts.

"Leo, come back for dinner tonight. Mom has invited Addison."

Seeing this message, Leo thought of the delicate Miss Addison, and felt a headache inexplicably. 'Why did my mother like this delicate girl and insist that I should be with her?'

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