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   Chapter 51 Duplicity

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Looking at the invitation card in Gael Jiang's hand, Cassie Jiang knew that there must be something bad. She gave her father a cold look and said, "What do you want to do? Just tell me."

Of course, Gael knew his daughter well, so he didn't try to hide the truth and went straight to the point. "There's a party tomorrow. It's not good for Addison to show up recently. You can go there for her this time."

'Substitute?' Cassie thought it was ridiculous, but as usual, she agreed to all her father's requirements without any reason.

On the second evening, there was a party after the commodities exhibition. Cassie Jiang didn't know why her father wanted her to come here, but she could only deal with business.

"Excuse me, are you Cassie Jiang, the second daughter of the Jiang family?" A group of reporters rushed out of the crowd and asked.

In an instant, Cassie Jiang was surrounded by the crowd. She finally understood why her father sent her to the party. It turned out that he wanted her to block the reporters' shooting and questions.

"Yes, I am." Cassie said calmly, but she hated Gael Jiang in her heart. She believed that Gael Jiang wanted her to reduce the trouble for Addison.

In the dark night, under the spotlight, Cassie felt a little embarrassed, especially after the news that Leo and Joyce had just spread.

"Miss Jiang, since you are Addison's sister, I want to ask you what do you think of the recent news about the Star Group's Leo and the designer Joyce? What else do you want to say to your sister?"

Hearing the reporter's words, Cassie said without hesitation, "No matter who it is, they can't accept it. I also feel sorry for my sister. I think Mr. Xu and Miss Ruan should give you a reasonable explanation for this matter, whether there is a reason or not."

Although Cassie answered the reporter's questions in an official way, she just wanted to deal with her father. She had already been secretl

finished his words, Leo Xu pushed the door open and walked into the villa.

"Mom, why are you here?" Leo said coldly and walked towards Tracy without any expression on his face.

"Come with me." Tracy said as she walked towards the bedroom.

After passing through the dark corridor and arriving at Leo's bedroom, Tracy turned on the light without hesitation and sat on Leo's bed.

After entering the room, Leo said helplessly, "Mom, I have something else to do. Just tell me."

"What's the matter? Don't you know? You must give me a reasonable explanation today. " Tracy said firmly, allowing no rejection.

Leo didn't want to be outdone by Tracy, because he didn't like others to interfere in his own affairs, not even his mother.

"A reasonable explanation? There is no explanation. I also hope that you won't interfere in my affairs. I will handle my own affairs. " Leo Xu slammed the door and left without hesitation.

Looking at Leo's receding figure, Tracy Feng felt very sad. She really didn't know what kind of charm Joyce had that could attract Leo, so she decided to meet Joyce again.

Tracy wouldn't let an unknown woman ruin Leo's future.

"Joyce, just wait and see." Tracy clenched her fists and frowned. She said fiercely with a murderous look in her sharp eyes.

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