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   Chapter 49 Rose Storm

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6601

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It rained all night. On the second morning, the bright sun shone into the bedroom. Leo Xu walked towards the window with a frown.

The fresh air mixed with the smell of soil and the fragrance of flowers came to his face.

Leo took a deep breath and his knitted brows smoothed a little. He didn't know what would happen next, but the most important thing was to avoid the media and reporters.

It was not Leo's style to be late for work for an hour, but he had to do so in order to avoid reporters.

The car didn't drive very fast. Sitting in the car, Leo thought for a while. He didn't believe that Joyce Ruan would be with Bill Jiang, but...

The car stopped abruptly, and Leo shook his body. He frowned and looked forward unhappily.

A group of reporters blocked the entrance of the company. Seeing Leo's car coming up in a hurry, it seemed that Leo couldn't avoid it. He put on his sunglasses and was about to get off the car.

The security guards at the door also came up in a hurry.

"Mr. Leo, what's the relationship between you and Miss Joyce?"

"Mr. Leo, Mr. Leo, I heard that Miss Joyce is your first love. Is that true?"

A group of reporters came forward, asking something, but Leo ignored them. Under the bodyguard's obstruction, he passed through the crowd of reporters and came to the office building.

Although everyone knew about it, no one dared to say one more word.

In another car not far away, Bill Jiang stared at what was happening at the door. He couldn't help sneering. If it weren't for Leo, he wouldn't lose his sister. He must avenge his sister.

In the office of Li Group, Joyce Ruan stood in front of the manager's desk with her head down.

"What are you doing? Can you take it to see a client? Redo it when you go back. You must make it before you get off work." The manager shouted angrily. Even the people outside the office could hear him.

As soon as she walked out of the office, Joyce felt disappointed. She lower

Group and Sky Group didn't cooperate at all.

"I'm here for Joyce Ruan. I want to know where she is." Bill didn't hesitate at all, because this was what he wanted to tell the manager.

'Joyce Ruan?' Hearing this name, the manager was very surprised. He could not help but open his mouth wide. "Are you looking for Joyce?" The manager confirmed again.

"Yes, Joyce." Bill Jiang said affirmatively.

'Bill was looking for Joyce...' The manager thought to himself. He couldn't believe that Joyce could be so capable. She was not only Serena's best friend, but also hooked up with two men at the same time. No wonder she was so capable.

"Manager Zhao, are you going to refuse me?" Bill Jiang reminded the manager who was in a daze.

The manager came back to his senses after he heard what Bill said. There was an awkward atmosphere in the air. He paused for a moment and said in a hurry, "How could I refuse Mr. Jiang?"

"Secretary, call Miss Joyce here." The manager said with a smile and poured tea for Bill.

In Joyce's office, she was sitting at her desk, looking at the documents in her hand listlessly. The fragrance of roses filled the whole room.

'Bill Jiang?' Joyce turned on the computer and looked through the personal information about Bill Jiang. She wanted to know what he wanted to do.

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