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   Chapter 47 The Headline

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6661

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"Damn it! We are going to be late." Joyce shouted, hurriedly dropped her phone and stood up to dress up.

Serena, who had just fallen asleep, was frightened to sit up when she heard the voice of Joyce. Looking at Joyce who was in a hurry, Serena couldn't help but complain, "What are you doing? Can you allow me to sleep late in the morning?"

"Go to sleep, go to sleep. I'm going to be late for work." Joyce was busy making breakfast without looking back.

Serena yawned and lay down, but she couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard she tried.

Serena picked up her phone and looked through the micro-blog wearily. Suddenly, two familiar figures came into view. Leo and Joyce?

With her eyes wide open, Serena stared at the dazzling photo on the screen of her mobile phone for a second. In a hurry, Serena put on her slippers and ran towards the kitchen. "Joyce, Joyce."

Hearing Serena's voice, Joyce curiously looked at the direction of the door, with sadness in her eyes.

"Joyce, Joyce, something is happened." Serena ran to Joyce and said breathlessly.

Joyce looked at Serena curiously. She had a bad feeling, but she didn't know what had happened.

Serena handed the phone to Joyce and said anxiously, "Joyce, look at today's headline. It's you and Leo..."

Although Serena stammered, Joyce had realized that what happened last night must have been exposed.

There were still water drops on her hands. Joyce hurriedly picked up Serena's mobile phone and looked at the media report. That photo was a picture of her tangled with Leo in the bathroom. She knew that there would be a series of troubles waiting for her this time.

Seeing that she was about to be late, Joyce couldn't care less. She ran to the company without having breakfast.

It was in the rush hour, and the road was blocked like a parking lot. The hot sun was scorching the ground, and Joyce's heart was also burning. She didn't know what trouble would be waiting for her next.

The car passed th

er face darkened.

After hanging up the phone, Addison quickly turned on her phone. When she saw the headline today, Addison was stunned.

She had never expected that Leo would meet Joyce in private at the party last night, let alone the gossip.

She collapsed on the bed. How could Addison let Joyce get close to Leo? She was not reconciled. This time, she would seek justice.

In the spacious living room, the crystal lights were shining brightly. In a huff, she rushed to the living room. The butler was cleaning the room. When he saw Addison, he hurriedly walked up to her and asked, "Mrs. Addison, what can I do for you?"

"Get the car ready. I have to go out." Addison wanted Leo to remember that only she could be his engaged woman and no one else could think.

"Okay, Mrs. Addison." The butler replied and left the villa in a hurry.

The car slowly stopped in front of the Tracy's old house. When Addison was about to ask Tracy for an explanation, an evil smile appeared on her face.

"Miss Addison." The servant opened the gate of the villa in a hurry when he saw Addison.

When she heard the servant call her "Miss Addison", Addison was very unhappy. She glared at the servant, but she didn't want to care about these details.

"Where is Mrs. Tracy?" Addison asked coldly. She must see Tracy today.

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