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   Chapter 46 Entrusted By Others

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6109

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"Serena, why are you here? I think..." Joyce looked at Serena in surprise.

Seeing Joyce, Serena immediately walked up to her and looked her up and down carefully. "Joyce, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Joyce shook her head and smiled bitterly.

Joyce tilted her head. Serena's face darkened at the sight of Henry behind Joyce.

"Why are you here, Henry?" Serena looked at Henry coldly and looked in the direction of Joyce.

Serena held Joyce's hand tightly and asked nervously, "Are you okay, Joyce? Does Henry do anything to you? If he bullies you, just tell me. I'll teach him a lesson."

"Serena, can you treat me better? Am I that kind of person?" Hearing Serena's words, Henry said without hesitation, trying to prove his innocence.

Serena turned around and said to Henry sarcastically, "Don't rich people like you all do this? Don't you know what kind of person you are?"

"Serena, you, you..."

"What? Bite me if you can? Do you think you are a dog?" Serena said indifferently. Looking at the red face of Henry, she was overjoyed.

"Can you stop quarreling?" Joyce couldn't stand it and hurried to stop them.

"Humph!" Serena turned around and looked unhappy.

At this time, the door was opened. Joyce frowned and became vigilant.

The neighbor pushed the door open, revealing his head, and complained, "Can you stop arguing and let me sleep?"

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Joyce apologized in a hurry to comfort her neighbor.

Looking at Serena's expression, Joyce shook her head helplessly and walked up to Henry. "Mr. Henry, thank you so much today. Come in and have a cup of tea before you leave."

Hearing Joyce's words, Henry, who had been fighting with Serena with a red face just now, lowered his voice in a hurry and said, "Thank you for your kindness, Miss Joyce. It's getting late. I'll go bac

moonlight enveloped the living room. The wine in the glass was beautiful red, and a tear fell exactly in the glass.

Looking at the wine in the glass, Joyce couldn't help but burst into tears. Thinking of what had happened that night, she didn't understand what Leo was thinking. Was it really just for fun as he and Henry said?

If it was just for fun, why would he let Henry protect her secretly? Joyce really couldn't figure it out.

Joyce drank one cup after another. She hoped that the effect of alcohol could make her forget Leo for the time being, but what happened tonight kept flashing in her mind.

Almost a bottle of wine was drunk by Joyce alone. Serena didn't know whether she had done the right thing or not, but she wouldn't watch Joyce sink down because of Leo.

She helped Joyce walk into the bedroom. It was already early in the morning when the dark night was lit up. Looking at Joyce who had fallen asleep beside her, Serena couldn't fall asleep at all.

The morning sunshine fell on the floor of the bedroom through the window.

Frowning, Joyce rubbed her aching head and sat up with her arms supporting her body. She took out her phone from under the pillow and looked at the time.

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