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   Chapter 44 Help Each Other Out Of Kindness

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6135

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When she saw Leo, Addison was overjoyed. Hastily, she leaned over and said in a spoiled tone, "Leo, look at Miss Joyce..."

"Miss Joyce, you change your man so fast, don't you?" Leo stepped forward and said sarcastically, with disdain in his sharp eyes.

Seeing Leo's attitude, Bill sneered and walked up to Joyce. He held her in his arms and said, "Mr. Leo, come to me if you have any questions."

In order to save face, Joyce had to pretend to snuggle up to Bill and said nothing.

"Mr. Bill, I have something else to do. I'm sorry to bother you." After saying that, Leo turned around and left. Seeing the expressions of Joyce and Bill, Leo was furious. He had never thought that Joyce would be such a person.

"Leo, wait for me." Addison said in a sweet voice, glaring at Joyce. Then she turned around and ran towards Leo.

Looking at Addison, Joyce felt both happy and disappointed.

She came to her senses and found herself still in Bill's arms. She pushed Bill away in a hurry and stood there again. Joyce looked petite and lovely in the moonlight.

"What? What's your relationship with Leo? Do you have any intentions?" Joyce stammered, obviously a little nervous.

Thinking of the cocktail that was spilled all over her body just now, Joyce felt a little unlucky, but she also felt that this man called Bill was not simple. It seemed that Leo was a little afraid of him before.

"Do you like Leo? Tell me the truth." Bill stared at Joyce with his sharp eyes.

In fact, Bill had seen everything in the bathroom just now, but they didn't find Bill.

Joyce hated such eyes the most. She turned her head away and didn't look at Bill anymore.

Noticing that Joyce didn't want to talk about it, a wicked smile appeared at the corners of Bill's mouth. "Miss Joyce, I like you."

Joyce was surprised to hear Bill

nce Addison was for him, how could Leo let Bill humiliate his engaged woman so easily? He stood out and said rudely, "Bill, you'd better pay attention to your identity. Don't forget who you are."

As soon as Leo finished his words, he turned around and left the hall with Addison, leaving no chance for Bill to refuse.

The party was about to come to an end, and everyone was divided into different groups.

When Joyce who was sitting on the bench at the door, saw the figure of Leo, she turned around in a hurry, fearing that Leo would see her.

The car left the hotel in a hurry. Joyce felt relieved and dialed Serena's number.

Serena, who was sleeping at home, heard the vibration of her phone. She reached out her hand to turn on the bedside lamp.

Without even looking at it, Serena picked up the phone and put it near her ear.

"Hello, Joyce. What's up?" Serena yawned and said lazily.

Hearing Serena's voice, Joyce burst into tears again. "Serena, I..."

Joyce cried and complained to Serena. Joyce's long shadow and tears on the road were left in the moonlight.

In the night, Joyce listened to the wind and walked aimlessly on the street. The leaves were blown by the wind and made the sound.

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