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   Chapter 43 Aggressive

Love You Like Crazy By Chao Xi Characters: 6114

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At the open-air party, Leo Xu turned around and walked into the house, with a breeze gently blowing his face.

No one noticed him. In the dim corridor, Leo walked towards the bathroom step by step with an evil smile on his face.

No one noticed that Joyce came to the washroom except Leo.

Looking at her pale face in the mirror, Joyce Ruan hurriedly made up. She didn't want others to see her dejected look.

Seeing herself still shining in the mirror, Joyce smiled with satisfaction.

Leo passed through the dark corridor and walked towards the washroom. In the hall, Addison Jiang looked for Leo everywhere, but she didn't see him.

The door of the ladies' room was open. Leo saw Joyce in front of the mirror, but Joyce didn't notice Leo at all. Joyce put away the cosmetics, turned around and was about to leave the bathroom.

"Ah, it hurts. I'm sorry..." As soon as Joyce turned around, she only felt that she bumped into someone and apologized repeatedly.

Seeing how clumsy she was, Leo looked at her coldly with tenderness in his deep eyes.

Joyce felt something wrong and slowly raised her head. The familiar and cold face in front of her really frightened Joyce. She stuttered, "What, why, why are you here? Why are you here? "

Seeing the surprised look on Joyce's face, Leo felt a little happy. He didn't say anything, but the evil smile at the corners of his mouth made Joyce's heart jump to her throat.

Pretending not to know Leo, Joyce was about to leave the bathroom.

How could Leo let go of Joyce? He grabbed Joyce's wrist tightly with one hand and moved forward.

"What... What are you doing?" Joyce said timidly. Her clothes had been wet by the water beside the pool.

A sneer echoed in the bathroom. Joyce had a bad feeling. She clenched her fists, but her hands controlled by Leo mad

son, Joyce knew that they were all dignitaries here. If she had a conflict with Addison, she would be the one to suffer.

As the saying goes, a wise man does not suffer losses in front of him. Joyce could not be provoked, but she could hide.

Joyce didn't answer. She didn't want to stir up trouble. If they had a quarrel, she would be the headline tomorrow.

"Miss Ruan, you'd better stay away from Leo, or you will understand the consequence." Addison said arrogantly. She wanted to give Joyce a head-on blow and let her leave Leo Xu.

Addison believed that neither Joyce nor Cassie could take away Leo, let alone her position.

From a distance, Bill Jiang saw the dispute between Joyce and Addison. Looking at the two, he felt it interesting.

"Miss Jiang, don't you think you are too cruel? What did Miss Ruan do to you? Tell me." Bill Jiang suddenly appeared behind Joyce, which really gave her a fright.

Joyce looked at Bill Jiang in surprise. Joyce didn't know this man, but she felt that he was not that simple. After all, this was a party in the business circle.

"Oh, it's Mr. Bill. What a coincidence! Miss Ruan is looking for another man?" Leo Xu sneered and walked out from behind Addison.

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