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   Chapter 40 Family Feast

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"Knock, knock, knock." A crisp knock on the door interrupted Cassie's thoughts.

Her face darkened. She turned around and asked coldly, "Who is it?"

"Miss Cassie, it's me." The butler's voice came from the door, and Cassie's vigilance was finally relieved.

"Come in. What's up?" Cassie Jiang, who was interrupted, was very unhappy and stared at the door with sharp eyes.

"Miss Cassie, Mrs. Jiang said there would be a family dinner tomorrow night, and she asked you to prepare well." The butler stood at the door and replied, not daring to take one more step forward.

Hearing the butler's words, Cassie frowned, with an incomprehensible look in her eyes. "You can go out first."

At the thought of meeting Addison again, Cassie felt bad luck. Speaking of Addison, it suddenly occurred to Cassie that the reason why Leo refused her was that she couldn't bring him too much benefits.

What happened in the hospital later made Cassie feel a little ridiculous. Leo threatened her not to let Addison know that Leo accompanied Joyce. It turned out that their marriage was only for interests. So what if Addison liked him? He had no feelings for her at all.

Cassie couldn't help but sneer. Addison was behind her, making her lose the chance to shoot. How could she bear it?

'Addison, I'll make you pay for it.' Cassie Jiang made up her mind that she wouldn't let Addison Jiang get what she couldn't get.

In Leo's villa, Addison was sitting in front of the dresser, fixing her make-up. The vibration of her phone broke the silence.

Addison frowned and answered the phone.

"What's the matter?" There was a murderous look in her cold voice, and she always held a grudge against Cassie.

A man's magnetic voice came through the phone, "Miss Addison, the shooting of Miss Cassie has been taken away by Sue Lin from Star Entertainment."


eyes made her feel uncomfortable.

At this moment, Addison Jiang hated Cassie Jiang very much, but she had to deal with Leo in front of her first, then thinking about how to revenge on Cassie.

The villa was brightly lit. It was eleven o'clock at night. Like a child who had made a mistake, she followed closely behind Leo.

"Leo, let's go to bed. It's late." Standing behind Leo, Addison said in a low and timid voice.

Thinking of the awkward scene just now, Leo didn't want to face Addison.

"You go to sleep. I still have work to do. I won't go back to the bedroom tonight." Leo said coldly and walked towards the study without looking back.

Watching Leo's receding figure, she hated Cassie even more.

In the office of Li Group, Joyce Ruan just received a new project.

"Miss Joyce, today's design is ready." Ann He knocked on the door and walked into the office.

"Okay, put it here." Then Joyce rushed out of the office.

Looking at the anxious look of Joyce, Ann He was somewhat confused. She put the design sketch on Joyce's desk, turned around and left.

In the afternoon, it was drizzling in the sky. In a quiet teahouse, Leo Xu and Henry Ji were whiling away the time.

"Hey, Leo, you..." Henry teased.

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