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   Chapter 38 New Colleague

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The bright bedroom was cleaned up. Cassie Jiang rushed into the room angrily and turned on the computer. She must find out who was behind all this.

Cassie looked at the information on the computer carefully. It turned out that Sue Lin worked for Star Entertainment, but she had no enmity with Star Entertainment. Why did Sue Lin compete with her for the shooting? She really had no clue.

But it made Cassie lose the chance to shoot and lose her face. She would never let Sue Lin go easily.

A week later...

In the ward of the hospital, Joyce Ruan stood by the bed and looked at the people coming and going downstairs. In the past few months, she was injured and hospitalized again and again.

Thinking of Leo Xu, Joyce's eyes were filled with despair. She decided to put all the energy on the work, instead of her attachment to Leo.

"Joyce, the discharge formalities have been completed. Let's go." Serena said with a smile and walked towards Joyce.

There was a trace of tenacity in Joyce's desperate eyes. She wouldn't give up easily this time. She must strive for more opportunities for her brother, and Mason Chen became her only hope.

In the office of Li Group, everyone was busy with their work.

"Everyone, stop." The director of human resources brought a girl to the office area.

The girl had long hair and a delicate face. Wearing a work uniform, she looked young and capable. Everyone's eyes were focused on her.

"This is our new colleague. Michelle, please introduce yourself." The director of the human resources department said politely.

Michelle smiled sweetly. "Hello, everyone. My name is Michelle. I'll be your colleague from now on. Nice to meet you."

Seeing that Michelle quickly integrated into her role, the director of the human resources department left with relief.

"Joyce, that's good. You should go back and have a rest." Serena exhorted her. She didn't want Joyce to be too tired.

Joyce forced a bitter smile and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry."


yce, are you looking for me?" Michelle said and walked into the office, without the slightest trace of timidity or uneasiness.

Joyce looked up at her coldly, "Have a seat."

Michelle looked at Joyce carefully and frowned. After a long time, Joyce didn't say anything but kept sorting out the documents.

"Why did Miss Joyce ask me to come here?" Finally, Michelle couldn't wait to ask.

Joyce put down the documents in her hands and looked at the new colleague in front of her. She had a beautiful face and long hair, but her restlessness was reflected in every word and action from entering the door to now.

"You've just come to the company and you should be more familiar with each other. If you don't know anything, you can ask Lucy. There are many rules in the company and you should follow them. You should know the work in our design department. Here is a document. Make three versions of the design before you get off work tomorrow and give it to me." Joyce said as she handed the design she had done to Michelle.

Looking at Joyce, Michelle was not convinced, but she did not say anything more. She looked down upon people who relied on their friends and parents to get the position and people who were incompetent would order people.

With the documents in her hand, Michelle went back to her seat and looked at them carefully.

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