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   Chapter 32 Operation

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Before she finished her words, Joyce fainted in pain...

Hearing Joyce's cry for help, Leo had a bad feeling.

"Where are you? What happened?"

Leo asked anxiously, but no one answered. He had a bad feeling, put down the documents in his hands and rushed out of the study.

"Mr. Leo, where are you going at this late hour?" The butler walked up to Leo and asked with concern.

Leo glanced at him coldly and rushed into the dark night without answering.

The car sped towards the community where Joyce lived before. The car slowly stopped at the downstairs of Joyce's house. He rushed upstairs without hesitation.

The door was tightly closed. Leo knocked at the door, but there was no response. The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. At last, he kicked the door open.

Leo was greatly disappointed at what he saw. Everything in the big room had been emptied, let alone Joyce.

What if something happened to Joyce? The more Leo thought about it, the more scared he became. He called Joyce again, but no one answered.

Leo thought for a while and dialed Serena's number. He believed that Serena and Joyce were best friends and she would know where Joyce was now.

"Mr. Leo, what are you doing?" Serena answered the phone and yawned lazily.

Leo was not in the mood to argue with Serena. He asked without hesitation, "Where is Joyce now? Tell me now."

Because of anxiety, there was a hint of command when Leo asked. The words made Serena unhappy. "How can I know where Joyce is? Where can she be if she is not at home at this time?"

"But she is not at home at all." Leo frowned and asked anxiously. He wanted to know where Joyce was.

Hearing Leo's attitude, Serena said unhappily, "How do I know?" Before Leo could react, Serena had hung up the phone.

The phone was hung up. Leo suddenly felt that there was no hope.

He sat on the sofa. His shadow was reflected in the bright light, and there was a touch of darkness in the light. Looking at everything in front of him, which was strange and familiar, Leo suddenly remembered that he had asked Henry to find a new residence for Joyce when he went to the United States on

specific reason. Pay attention to the care of the wound and the light diet." The doctor answered, pursing his lip and dragging his tired body to the duty room.

It was not far from the operating room to the ward. Leo didn't know how he got there. He didn't expect that life was so fragile, and he never thought that when Joyce had an accident, she would think of him at the first time. Was he really so important in her heart?

Under the dim light in the ward, Leo looked at Joyce's pale face and found that she was lying on the bed peacefully. Leo's heart ached.

"How have you been these days?" There was sadness in Leo's deep eyes. Somehow, he felt heartbroken when he looked at Joyce. Did he really have sex with her before he lost his memory?

Sitting on the edge of Joyce's bed, Leo was lost in thought when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Leo, Leo." Joyce called Leo's name and tightly held Leo's hands.

Leo felt the warmth from Joyce's hand. Seeing that Joyce was calling his name happily on the bed, he couldn't help smiling.

In Joyce's dream, she dreamed her past with Leo. His every move and smile were so clear. The two of them had promised to hand in hand for a lifetime.

Leo widened his eyes and looked at Joyce in surprise. He didn't know why Joyce called his name, but it all happened too suddenly.

Looking at the happy smile on her petite face, Leo finally felt relieved. He wanted Joyce to wake up early.

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