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   Chapter 30 Only For One Person

Love You Like Crazy By HOLLY HUNT Characters: 6607

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Looking out of the window at the drizzling rain, Joyce couldn't help thinking of the rainy day when she met Leo in the university. Perhaps no one would wait for her in the future.

It rained more and more heavily outside the window. She still remembered the day when Tracy separated her from Leo. It rained so heavily with her tears, but Leo didn't ask her to stay.

Perhaps it was all over when Leo lost his memory. Maybe it was a mistake in the beginning. Everything was just her own wishful thinking.

"Miss Joyce, the manager asks you to have a meeting in the meeting room."

All of a sudden, Joyce came to her senses and looked in the direction of the door. "Okay, I see."

She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, picked up the documents and walked to the meeting room. Joyce told herself silently that she must forget Leo. What she should do now was to work hard for her brother, not to feel sorry for the lost relationship.

In the dark bedroom of the villa, Addison held a pillow and stared out of the window. The rain was getting heavier, but Addison couldn't sit still.

As long as she didn't get married, she was worried that Leo would change his mind. Moreover, she made him lose face last time. So far, Leo had never looked for her, which made Addison restless.

Addison got up in a hurry to dress up. She couldn't wait any longer. She had to ask Leo to give her a guarantee to set her mind at rest.

"Butler, get the car ready." Addison rushed downstairs and ordered the butler.

Looking at the heavy rain outside the window, the butler hesitated, "Miss Addison, It's raining so heavily outside. What are you going to do? Can you..."

"No, go and get the car ready. Don't talk too much nonsense." Addison said firmly. She must see Leo today.

The rain was so heavy that the visibility was very poor. The car didn't drive very fast, and every minute and second was a torture for [姜诗妍].

"Miss, here we are." Sitting in the car, Addison couldn't tell where she was, but she just wanted to see Leo as soon as possible.

Although it was raining heavily, everyone in the office area was busy with their work. Compared with Jiang Group, the Star Group was indeed very rigorous in choosing employees. At this time, Addison was no longer in the mood to pay attention to these things. She quickly walked towards Leo's office.

"Miss Addison, Mr. Leo is not in the office." The secretary said with a smile when she saw Addison, and she stopped Addison.

Hearing the secretary's words, Addison suddenly stopped and asked, "Where is Mr. Leo now?"

"There is a meeting in the meeting room. How about Miss Addison waiting for him in the office for a while?" The secretary said respectfully, opened the door and poured a glass of water for Addison. Everyone knew that she was Leo's engaged woman and she couldn't be offended.

Standing by the window, Addison looked at the heavy rain outside, thinking about how to face Leo.

"Give this document to the publicity department and ask them to make the publicity plan. Hand it to my office before tonight." Leo ordered and walked quickly towards his office.

The secretary stood closely behind Leo and kept a record. She suddenly remembered and hurriedly said to Leo, "Mr. Leo, Miss Addison is

looking for you. She is in your office now!"

"Miss Addison? Or Miss Cassie?" Leo frowned and asked.

"She is your engaged woman, Miss Addison." The secretary answered cautiously, because she felt the sudden coldness from Leo.

'Addison?' Leo frowned more tightly, "I see."

'Why is she here in such a heavy rain? Is it...' Leo made a wild guess in his mind.

Leo pushed the door open and strode towards the desk. He glanced at Addison by the window, frowned and asked, "Why are you here in such a heavy rain, Addison?"

"Leo, we are engaged. I want to have a talk with you today." Addison said seriously and walked quickly to Leo.

Leo looked up at her and took a deep breath. He sat down and stared at Addison with his deep eyes. "Tell me, what do you want to talk about?"

"Leo, we are engaged. Jiang Group will be the best help for you in the future. You see..."

Leo looked away from Addison and crossed his legs. He knew that Addison was forcing him by using Jiang Group, but Addison also knew that her marriage was a sacrifice of the company. As long as there was profit, Leo would agree to all Addison's requests.

"What's the matter? Just tell me. I still have some comments." Leo said coldly without any emotion, with a trace of melancholy in his eyes.

Hearing Leo's words, a smile appeared at the corners of Addison's mouth. "I want you to promise that you won't have anything to do with Joyce, let alone go to find her."

"Okay, I promise you." Leo agreed without hesitation, because he told himself that the company was the most important thing and he didn't like Joyce at all. He just wanted to get back his lost memory.

With Leo's promise, Addison finally felt relieved. She no longer worried about the relationship between Leo and Joyce. Now the only person she needed to deal with was Cassie.

Addison had never thought of dealing with her sister before. After all, they were related by blood. But Cassie had done everything she could just for Leo. So Addison decided not to be soft on her.

"Hello, Is that Ken Mu?" Addison said with a smile. In fact, she had already made up her mind.

Addison had known that Ken Mu had a crush on her, but as the CEO of Star Entertainment, It was the best way to deal with Cassie.

On the other end of the phone, Ken Mu frowned and asked curiously, "Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"I'm Addison. I want to ask you out for a meal. Do you have time?"

Although he was in the studio, Addison's voice made Ken Mu unable to refuse. He agreed to Addison's request without hesitation.

"Eight o'clock in the evening. I'll treat you to dinner in the restaurant." Then Addison hung up the phone.

Addison looked at all kinds of clothes in the wardrobe, but none of them could satisfy her. In order to make Ken Mu obey her, she decided to dress up carefully.

The rain gradually stopped in the afternoon, and there was a sunset in the sky. After dressing up carefully, Addison came to the restaurant early.

"Miss Addison, why are you here so early?" Then Ken Mu sat opposite Addison.

Addison specially chose a low cut tight dress, with an enchanting figure. Ken Mu always stared at her.

"What would you like to eat, Mr. Ken Mu?" Addison said with a smile, resting her long hair on her shoulder.

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