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   Chapter 29 The World Of Profit

Love You Like Crazy By HOLLY HUNT Characters: 6318

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The car slowly stopped in front of the villa's door. Addison knew that there must be something wrong this time, but she had to face it.

In the dark night, the bright moonlight shrouded the sky. When Addison opened the door of the villa, she felt a chill and carefully closed the door.

"Addison, come here." Hearing her father's cold and stern voice behind her, Addison couldn't help shivering.

She slowly turned around and looked at her father's cold face. She said timidly, "Dad, I..."

"Come here and explain to me what happened to the party today."

Seeing her father blaming Addison, Cassie, who was standing next to her, was secretly pleased. She walked up to her father and said, "Dad, sister doesn't mean to do that. You just..."

"You have no right to speak here." Without looking back, Gael continued to blame Addison.

Addison knew that Cassie said that on purpose. She glared at Cassie and gnashed her teeth in anger, but Addison had to endure her father's reprimand.

She blamed all this on Cassie. Addison believed that it was Cassie's deliberate revenge that made her embarrassed and criticized in front of everyone.

Hearing this, Henry frowned. He didn't say anything, but he was confused.

On the second morning, Leo came to the company as usual. He frowned at his desk and began to review the documents. Thinking of what had happened last night, he felt very embarrassed and didn't want to mention a word. He didn't even want to see Addison.

At this time, there was a clear knock on the door. Leo frowned and said coldly, "Come in."

Walking from the door to Leo, Leo didn't even raise his head. Sitting in front of Henry with dissatisfaction, Henry complained, "Mr. Leo, could you please look up at me without reading the documents?"

Hearing Henry's voice, Leo glanced at him and continued to review the documents in his hands. "I don't read the documents then look at you. Will you give me money? If you come here to laugh at me, you can leave now."

"Leo, you only love money? You..."

Before Henry could finish his words, Leo looked up at him and asked, "Nothing to do with me? Then, I will call the secretary to drive you away."

"No, no, No. Leo, you don't love Addison, but why do you engage with her?" Finally, Henry spoke out the doubts that had been bottled up in his heart.

Without raising his head, Leo continued to review the documents and said casually, "Love? I don't have anyone I like. Isn't it the same to marry anyone? It's the same as long as there is profit."

"Leo, is it because of interests that we get along so well with each other?" Looking at Leo's expression, Henry quickly changed the topic and joked.

Hearing what Henry said, Leo looked up at him and said, "We..."

"You'd better stop. I'm afraid I can't take it." Henry just wanted to change the topic for Leo. He didn't doubt the brotherhood between the two.

When Serena knew that Leo had held an engagement party for his engagement with Addison, she had a bad feeling.

The colleagues in the office area were discussing and joking. When they saw Serena, they hurried back to their seats and con

tinued to work.

Serena glared at them, but didn't blame them, because she was not in the mood to be angry with the employees. Now the most important thing was Joyce's mood.

"Joyce." Serena opened the door and walked into the office.

Hearing Serena's voice, Joyce put down her pen and walked up to Serena. "Why are you here, Serena?"

Although there was a smile on the corner of Joyce's mouth, Serena could still feel her sadness. "Why can't I come here? Can't I come to see you?"

"Okay, okay, wait for me to get you some water." Joyce was about to stand up, but Serena grabbed her hand.

Serena motioned her to sit down and found two tickets from her bag.

"What's this?" Joyce asked in surprise.

Serena handed the ticket to her and said with a smile, "I've already asked for a leave for you. I'll take you to travel all over Paris."

"Go to Paris?" Joyce stammered. She couldn't believe that Paris was the place she wanted to go most, but because of her work and her brother, she had never thought of realizing this dream.

"What? No way? Go back and pack up your things. It's tonight!" With these words, Serena piled up the documents and design drafts on Joyce's desk and pushed her towards the door.

All this happened too suddenly. Before Joyce could react, the two had arrived in Paris.

"The air here is so fresh." Serena stretched out her hands and enjoyed it.

Joyce glanced at Serena, then she couldn't help laughing. "Go! This is the airport. How can it be better?"

After several days' travel, Joyce forgot everything about Leo. Seeing that Joyce was as cheerful as usual, Serena felt relieved.

"Serena, Serena, look at this. It's so beautiful." Joyce said excitedly as she held Serena's hand when she saw the beautiful bracelet.

As soon as Joyce finished her words, Serena's phone rang, "Two, pack them up." Then Serena turned around and answered the phone.

"Okay, I know, Dad. I'll be right back." Serena agreed and hung up the phone.

She went back to the jewelry store with her mouth pouted. Seeing that Serena was depressed, Joyce asked anxiously, "What's wrong with you, Serena? What happened?"

"My father calls me and asks us to go back. He says that the company has received an order and needs me to go there in person." Serena played with the bracelet she had just bought and said reluctantly.

Joyce walked over and put the bracelet on Serena's wrist. "Let's go back. We have been out for some days. Work is more important."

"Okay." Serena said reluctantly. Looking at the same bracelet on Joyce's and her own hands, Serena smiled.

The plane slowly stopped at the domestic airport. Serena got off the plane in a hurry. "Joyce, you go back to have a rest. I'll go to the company."

"I'll go with you together." Joyce quickly caught up with Serena.

As soon as Joyce came back home, she forgot all the happiness in Paris and was immersed in the sadness with Leo.

A week later...

It was drizzling. In the office, Joyce was busy with her work. The bad weather made Joyce become sad. She hadn't heard from Leo for a long time. Was she just a passer-by to Leo?

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