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   Chapter 28 Revenge

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Although Leo couldn't hear what Henry was saying, Leo had a bad feeling. He walked out of the banquet hall quickly.

"What's the matter? Say it again. I was too noisy to hear you." Leo said coldly, feeling a little nervous.

Hearing the noise from the side of Henry, Leo vaguely heard the name of Joyce. "What? Joyce drank too much?"

Leo glanced at the party behind him and said helplessly, "The engagement party is not over yet. I can't go, you should keep an eye on her these days."

After hanging up the phone, Henry looked at the drunk Joyce in front of him, shook his head helplessly and took her to the hotel.

As soon as Henry threw Joyce on the bed, she stood up and ran to the bathroom. Under her blurry consciousness, Joyce only felt a burning sensation in her stomach, and finally vomited out all the things.

Looking at the depressed look on Joyce's face, Henry shook his head helplessly and said, "Why bother?"

On the second morning, the sunshine fell on the bed. Joyce slowly opened her eyes.

"Ouch, it hurts." Joyce said, rubbing her temples.

When she opened her eyes, she suddenly saw the sleeping Henry beside the bed. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and covered her mouth. She looked at him in surprise and quickly stepped back.

Seeing that Henry was still asleep, Joyce put on her clothes and left the hotel quietly.

Thinking of what happened last night, Joyce didn't remember anything. She didn't know why she slept in the same room with Henry.

Looking at the time, it was lucky that it was not too late. Joyce rushed to the company and continued her work, as if nothing had happened.

In the CEO office of the Star Group, Leo was sitting at his desk and commenting on the documents of recent days.

"Come in." Hearing the knock on the door, Leo said without hesitation and continued to work.

Addison was wearing a unique dress with embroidered pattern. Her long hair fell over her shoulders, and her curvy figure made anyone who could not help but take a look at her.

"Leo, I brought you some desserts. Have a rest." Said Addison thoughtfully, taking out the desserts as she spoke.

Hearing Addison's voice, Leo was still busy with his work and ignored her.

Leo suddenly thought of his mother's words, 'Now that you are engaged, you should be at ease and be good to Addison.'

"There will be a party the night after tomorrow. Get ready and go with me." Leo said coldly and went on with his work.

Hearing that Leo was going to take her to the party, Addison was overjoyed. She hurried to the shopping mall to pick her favorite evening dress.

In the living room of the villa, Cassie sat in front of the sofa and watched TV wearily.

All of a sudden, the door of the villa was opened. Seeing that there were so many shopping bags in the Addison's hands, Cassie frowned and asked coldly with hatred in her eyes, "What are you doing? Why do you buy these things?"

"Of course, it is Leo who invites me to the party with him." Addison said proudly. She meant to tell Cassie that Leo was her man and no one could covet him.

Seeing the happy look on Addison's face, Cassie was furious. She glared at Addison and continued to

watch TV, because she had found a way to deal with Addison.

Cassie's angry face made Addison very happy. She excitedly put down her belongings and went to the beauty salon for a SPA.

Seeing that Addison had left the villa, Cassie put on an evil smile and walked towards Addison's bedroom.

The soft light in the bedroom looked very warm. Cassie and her sister had been treated differently since childhood, and even the layout of the room was much better than her own bedroom.

When Cassie opened her sister's wardrobe, she found that it was full of clothes of different seasons, except for the one she had just bought. Cassie frowned and sat listlessly on the edge of the bed. Suddenly, she saw a delicate bag, quietly lying in the gap between the dresser and the bedside table.

She looked in the direction of the door to make sure that Addison didn't come back. Then she turned around and took out the clothes.

It was a long dress with delicate peony embroidery embroidered on the cuffs. The tight design made Addison more attractive.

"It's you who forced me, Addison." As Cassie spoke, she divided the three threads into two at the junction of the chest and sleeves of the dress. There was no difference compared with the original surface. As long as she wore it for a long time, it would crack if it exceeded the endurance of the dress. Then...

Cassie couldn't help laughing. She folded the dress and left Addison's bedroom quickly.

It was drizzling at night. Leo arrived at the party with Addison as scheduled.

"Mr. Leo, you are here. Is this your engaged woman? She is so beautiful." A middle-aged man saw Leo and hurried to shake hands with him.

Leo nodded and shook hands with him. After a while, Leo found that Addison was indeed a beauty.

"Mr. Harrison ji." Seeing Henry's father, Leo greeted him with a smile.

"Leo, you are here too. Is this your engaged woman?" Harrison Ji, who was Henry's father, walked over with a smile.

Addison bent down to get the glass and heard a tearing sound. "Really? Is the quality so bad?"

Addison lowered her head and saw a big crack between her chest and shoulder, where her delicate skin was exposed.

Leo felt embarrassed when he saw Addison's expression, but he had to help Addison deal with the dress.

After asking Leo's assistant to bring Addison new clothes, Addison came out of the restroom. The smile on Leo's face had already disappeared, and his cold face was frightening.

"Leo, I..." Addison looked at Leo with grievance. She knew it was too sudden and embarrassed Leo, but it was not her fault.

Leo looked at her coldly and called his assistant, "Take Miss Addison back to have a rest."

"Leo, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do that." Tears welled up in Addison's eyes as she looked at Leo.

Leo cast a cold glance at her and said in a reproachful tone, "That's enough. Do you know how important today's party is? I'm so embarrassed to see you like this. Today..."

"Never mind. You can go back now." Leo was about to lose his temper, but he didn't say anything more when he thought that Addison was still his engaged woman. He just asked his assistant to send her away.

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