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   Chapter 349 The Truth Of The Fire (Part Two)

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She sat on the grass, staring at the blue sky and white clouds, recalling that when she was in the Lou family, she was free, and here, she was not allowed to go out, and her mobile phone was even confiscated.

She could eat well and sleep well here, but she felt terrible here. It was a mysterious manor. The servants were silent and there were tall and cold bodyguards. She couldn't escape. As time went by, she was desperate.

Every day, she sat on the grass in a daze, hoping that one day, someone would save her!

In the evening, in the manor, the wind blew and the scenery was beautiful, but she felt that she couldn't breathe. She wanted to escape. She had to escape from here. This place was too horrible, lifeless, as if it was an endless hell.

Someone patted her on the shoulder. She jumped up like a frightened rabbit. "Miss, it's time to eat. "

The serious and cold bodyguard came behind her and said in silence as usual.

"I'm not hungry. "

"Miss Nicole, master said you must go there tonight. "This was the first time that the bodyguard had told her the whereabouts of the owner of the manor.

With her eyes widened, Nicole said, "Okay, I'll go with you. "

Sitting in the gorgeous restaurant, Nicole was a little uneasy. In fact, she was very curious about the person who saved her. She had even made countless guesses, but when she was about to see that person, she actually had a trace of timidity in her heart.

The servant hadn't served the dinner yet, but the dining room was already well-decorated. There were large blooming lilies, which brought a faint fragrance to the room.

Clenching her fists, Nicole asked the bodyguard in black, "Why hasn't your master arrived yet? "

It had been half an hour, but the other party still did not arrive. Nicole could not help but become more curious about the identity of the person.

"Miss Nicole, please wait a moment. Master has been occupied by something. "The bodyguard replied respectfully.

Nicole dared not show a trace of anger, because she knew that although this person called her Miss Nicole, he did not respect her at all.

Who on earth was thi

room, Cathy and Alline. Cathy looked at Alline with a rare serious expression and asked, "Alline, are you really going to divorce Hiram? "

Alline covered her eyes with her hands. "Yes! Cathy, I have no choice. I can't just stand by and watch them being together. I'd better quit and give them freedom! "

With a complicated look on her face, Cathy said, "Okay, you want a divorce. I'll help you! "

"But I have to get Phil. I can't live without him. There is nothing between me and Hiram except for Phil! "Alline put down her hand, her eyes full of tears and panic.

"You love him so much. Why don't you try to keep him? "Cathy tried to explain, but Cathy obviously didn't believe it.

"I love him, but he doesn't love me. He can't forget Emma. Do you know what it feels like when you sleep with a man and he dreams of another woman at night? "When Alline said this, her eyes were very bright, shining. "I have completely given up on him. Do you still remember why I left the HC City at that time? "

Cathy had always been curious about this. She always felt that the reason why Alline left was not simple. "Why? "

"Because I saw him sleep with Emma, and I heard him say that he married me just because of the key to the Lou family. How pathetic I am! He didn't love me, but tolerated being with me for a year. "Speaking of this, Alline smiled coldly. "Forget it. It has all gone. Now I have completely given up! "

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