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   Chapter 348 The Truth Of The Fire (Part One)

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Everyone in the HC City had seen this statement, including Sven. In fact, Sven didn't understand what on earth Andrew talked with Ethan yesterday and why Celine, who insisted on Vivian's marriage, suddenly fell silent.

Even Andrew directly refused Ethan's request.

Was Nicole so important that Celine could give up her son's happiness?

Was the marriage between the Lou family and the Lu family ruined?

During breakfast, everyone's face darkened, especially Celine's. Sven tried to ask, "Dad, what's going on? "He had the right to know what was going on.

After all, he was the eldest master of the Lou family.

Moreover, Alline was his sister. How could he not worry about her?

He fixed his clear eyes on Andrew, which made Andrew's scalp tingle. Thinking of what Celine had said to him yesterday, he said, "I won't agree to this marriage. Vivian didn't deserve to be our daughter-in-law!"

He raised his eyes and said in a deep voice, "We were thoughtless about this marriage. Vivian is indeed not suitable to marry into our family. "

"Dad, how did you promise me? You said I could marry Vivian. What's going on now? I don't agree with this result! "Apparently, William didn't know the truth. He was so angry.

Celine's face darkened as well. She put down the bowl in her hand and said indifferently, "William, Ethan promised you to marry Vivian only when Nicole was handed out. Do you want your sister to stay in prison for the rest of her life? "

In fact, she didn't tell him the real reason, and she didn't know how to say it.

She couldn't tell him the truth!

"Mom, my marriage with Vivian has nothing to do with Nicole! "William clenched his teeth. Her face became even gloomier now. He narrowed his eyes slightly, with a bit of coldness.

"I won't agree with this marriage. William, make an appointment with Vivian and ask her to go to the hospital for an abortion n as possible. We don't afford a daughter-in-law like her! "Celine had always been very serious. This was something that had never happened before.

Looking at her serious and cold expression, William gritted his teeth and said, "Mom, can you at least give me a reason? "

A few days ago, when he took Vivia

act that Emma took care of her child?

When Cathy went downstairs, she saw that Alline was holding the newspaper tightly and reading the statement issued by the Mo family. From now on, she was no longer the daughter-in-law of the Mo family. From now on, what happened to the Lou family had nothing to do with the Mo family!

She pursed her lips and didn't understand what it meant. She looked up at Alline and asked, "What do you think about this matter? "

"Anyway, I can't give up the custody. "She could agree to divorce, but she couldn't give the child to Hiram.

"Alline, you know who is the father of the child. If Hiram really takes advantage of this matter, we can hardly win. "Cathy didn't finish her last sentence. There was a cup of hot milk on the table. She took a sip and leaned against the table lazily, but her eyes were dark and bright, as if she wanted to see something on Alline's face.

"Cathy, please help me! "She could not bother Sven anymore. He had already had enough things to do now.

Although she didn't know much about business, she knew how much impact the statement would have on the Lou group.

"I have an appointment with the lawyer. Let's meet and talk tonight! "In the end, Cathy called the lawyer.

There was a manor in the suburb. It was quiet all the time, and no one talked to Nicole. She was like a ghost floating in the manor all day long. She couldn't go out. Looking at the blue sky outside, she missed it very much.

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